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Thursday October 08, 2015 @11:51AM University of Cape Town Team Breaks World Water Rocketry Record
Thursday September 10, 2015 @08:19AM Researchers Say S. African Bones Are From Previously Unknown Human Relative
Tuesday August 25, 2015 @08:24AM South Africans Revolutionize Concentrated Solar Power With Mini Heliostats
Monday August 10, 2015 @02:54AM Stingray-Like Device Enables Blackmail In S. Africa
Tuesday August 04, 2015 @08:00AM KFC South Africa Lets Customers Listen To Music Using Bone Conduction
Thursday June 18, 2015 @08:11AM Shuttleworth Loses $20m Battle With S. African Reserve Bank Over Expatriated Funds
Tuesday January 13, 2015 @11:08AM South Africa Begins Ambitious Tablets In Schools Pilot Project
Monday December 01, 2014 @05:55PM SKA Telescope To Offer Neighbors Cheap Broadband
Saturday July 26, 2014 @06:54PM Two South African Cancer Patients Receive 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Implants
Monday June 09, 2014 @09:45PM $470 RepRap Derived 3D Printer Going Into Production
Thursday April 17, 2014 @08:43AM 5-Year Suspended Sentence For S. Africa's First Online Pirate
Tuesday October 29, 2013 @07:12AM Inside South Africa's First Fully Digital Government School
Friday August 23, 2013 @06:31PM City of Johannesburg Leaks Personal Bills Online, Threatens Flaw Finder
Tuesday July 09, 2013 @07:56AM RepRap Morgan Receives $20,000 Gada Prize For Simplifying 3D-Printer
Sunday March 25, 2012 @06:04PM SKA Telescope Site Debate Not Over Yet
Friday March 09, 2012 @08:22PM South Africa Wins Science Panel's Backing To Host SKA Telescope
Thursday February 16, 2012 @08:29AM Decision Time For SKA Telescope Bids
Tuesday November 22, 2011 @12:35PM South Africa Passes Secrecy Bill, Makes Whistleblowing a Dangerous Act
Friday October 28, 2011 @05:34PM Quiet Cellular Antenna Tech To Boost S. African SKA Bid
Friday September 09, 2011 @05:49PM New Skeleton Finds May Revamp History of Human Evolution
Monday August 08, 2011 @08:18PM World's First Cybernetic Athlete To Compete
Thursday August 04, 2011 @07:05PM First PS3 Jailbreaker Arrested In South Africa
Thursday July 14, 2011 @10:16PM Exploiting the iPad's Glowing Keyboard
Saturday June 25, 2011 @09:37AM Record-Seeking Bloodhound SSC Goes Partially Open Source
Thursday June 02, 2011 @01:28PM 'Worms From Hell' Unearth Possibilities For Extraterrestrial Life
Friday November 26, 2010 @01:17PM South Africa Drones For Anti-Rhino-Poaching Patrol
Sunday September 19, 2010 @07:24AM Criminal Charges Against Speed Trap Tweeter
Sunday September 05, 2010 @10:47AM Researchers Develop "Tea Bag" Water Filter
Tuesday August 31, 2010 @06:39PM Drunk Baboons Plague Exclusive Suburbs In South Africa
Tuesday June 15, 2010 @04:34PM Digitally Filtering Out the Drone of the World Cup
Monday June 07, 2010 @06:47AM World Cup Forecasting Challenge For Quants
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @01:54AM Porn Ban Being Considered In South Africa
Friday April 09, 2010 @06:14AM Possible New Hominid Species Discovered, Thanks To Google Earth
Wednesday March 17, 2010 @03:21AM Prostitute Sues Over "Unfair Dismissal"
Tuesday March 16, 2010 @10:37PM The Bloodhound Will Stay On the Ground At 1,000 mph
Thursday March 04, 2010 @01:14PM Earliest "Writing" On 60,000-Year-Old Eggshells
Thursday November 12, 2009 @01:27PM New Dinosaur Species Discovered In South Africa