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ESA Announces the Summer of Code In Space 2012 23

New submitter juli1 writes "The European Space Agency announced the second edition of the Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS2012), a similar initiative to the Google Summer of Code but more related to space software. The goal is to support students in contributing to open source projects that are connected to the space domain. Students' contribution is reviewed by selected mentoring organizations and likely reversed to the main branch of each project. According to the time-line, mentoring organizations can apply now and accepted students would start their projects beginning of August and write code until October. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive 4000 euros."
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ESA Announces the Summer of Code In Space 2012

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  • She may be in heaven though...

  • Maybe they'll get some coders who know how to avoid integer overflow in engine control software. [].

    "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow," right?

    • It wouldn't have happened if they has just programmed everything in javascript instead of using an obscure, baroque language like Ada.
    • by Qwertie ( 797303 )
      You may as well ask programmers to never make a mistake, or people in general, for that matter. I remember reading the report on the disaster. It wasn't just that a 16-bit variable overflowed. It overflowed in a noncritical system, which led to the shutdown of the main Inertial Reference System and the backup, leaving nothing to fly the rocket. I don't have the report handy, but it was roughly four problems in combination that brought down the rocket: the bug itself, lack of testing for the bug with alter
  • Since ESA already has a meaning in the software world, it would be prudent to expand the acronym in the subject. After all, they wouldn't want to be mistaken for the other [] ESA.

  • public class Universe
    public double size ()
    return Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;

    I accept cash, credit or paypal.

  • As in, can anybody apply from any nation or this only for those in the nations that support ESA?
    • by morrison ( 40043 )

      I believe the decision last year was that a student from any nation may apply, but they must be attending a university within the European Union.

      Not really any less open than limiting the participation to full-time accredited university students. Unlike Google, their funding source isn't commercial, so it makes sense to try and keep it within their tax base. Moreover, I think explanation last year was something along the lines of there being an ESA mandate stating that more than 50% of their spending must

      • Oh, I full agree with it. In fact, I think that America/NASA should do the same. For example, our funding of a private launcher should be based on being American products, or at least American/partners only.

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