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Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Recreational Drug ( 198

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Mushrooms are the safest of all the drugs people take recreationally, according to this year's Global Drug Survey. Of the more than 12,000 people who reported taking psilocybin hallucinogenic mushrooms in 2016, just 0.2% of them said they needed emergency medical treatment -- a rate at least five times lower than that for MDMA, LSD and cocaine. Global Drug Survey 2017, with almost 120,000 participants in 50 countries, is the world's biggest annual drug survey, with questions that cover the types of substances people take, patterns of use and whether they experienced any negative effects. Overall, 28,000 people said they had taken magic mushrooms at some point in their lives, with 81.7% seeking a "moderate psychedelic experience" and the "enhancement of environment and social interactions."
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Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Recreational Drug

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  • well, "hardly ever".
  • When you are intoxicated, be it booze or drugs, you can easily lose control and end up doing things you normally wouldn't do. Like: Drive an automobile, have unprotected sex, do crazy things that will follow you the rest of your life. (Employers check youtube/facebook).
    • Never post anything on youtube/facebook, don't hang out with people that do. But party even're only young once.

      Nothing worth doing is 'safe'.

  • Misleading (Score:5, Interesting)

    by al0ha ( 1262684 ) on Wednesday May 24, 2017 @08:31PM (#54481219) Journal
    Maybe the safest of the hallucinogens they were compared to, but to say they are the safest recreational drug likely means the researchers were themselves shrooming. :P
    • Maybe the safest of the hallucinogens they were compared to, but to say they are the safest recreational drug likely means the researchers were themselves shrooming. :P

      Yeah its an odd claim. To be honest, last tim I tried mushrooms, back in my university days, I ended up having an absolutely nasty anxiety attack that only seemed to pass when some tripping genius threw ABBA on (is it even possible not to smile at daft 70s disco?) . Sure my health wasn't threatened, but it was far from a fun experience.

      • I think people tending not to repeat the experience was part of what statistically contributed to the position of the mushrooms in the safety ranking. The less time you spend under the influence, the lower the odds are that you'll sustain an injury while in that condition.
      • I ended up having an absolutely nasty anxiety attack that only seemed to pass when some tripping genius threw ABBA on (is it even possible not to smile at daft 70s disco?) .

        Yes. Some of us begin projectile vomiting immediately. ABBA is by far the worst example of that kind of music.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've tried all of the above and shrooms gave me the largest side effect. An hour or so after consumption I would get extremely nauseous, and very emotional at times. A day after consumption my kidneys would hurt, apparently they go into overdrive to get the toxins out of your body. But I would gladly try them again. I knew these were the likely side effects before consumption. I see how LSD could give some people nasty hallucinations, I have seen people getting freaked out due to these. It's hard to
  • Safer than society's favourite OH group?

  • Read the article. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by JThundley ( 631154 ) on Wednesday May 24, 2017 @09:05PM (#54481395) Homepage

    I jumped at reading the article to validate my existing beliefs, but the article rates mushrooms as safe by the amount of people admitted to the hospital as a result. I don't think that's a great measure to use. Just because you aren't immediately and seriously injured or disruptive doesn't mean it's not bad for your mind or body.

    • by sl3xd ( 111641 )

      The article only considers the dangers of the drug's interaction with the body...

      I'm sure there are a lot of drugs which are pretty safe, provided you're in a situation where you can't injure yourself.

      The danger happens when you can do things like walk into a busy street, or up a flight of stairs, believe you can fly...

      • Right. By this logic if you're camping out alone in the woods and manage to make it home safely afterward, every and any drug you take is equally safe.

  • It's not physically possible for someone to injest a lethal dose of THC from marijuana. Marijuana has higher hospital admissions than mushrooms, partly due to the influx of people trying it for the first time (it's easier to both acquire and show up at a hospital if it's legal), or due to not understanding you need to wait 1-2 hours for an edible to kick in, or because someone spiked a unsuspecting person's food/drink with cannabis.

    • by GuB-42 ( 2483988 ) on Wednesday May 24, 2017 @09:42PM (#54481549)

      LSD poisoning is also almost unheard of. While it is technically possible to take a lethal dose, it don't think it has ever happened. You need thousands of doses for this.
      Those who seek emergency medical attention usually just went into a trip that is too much for them to handle. Same situation as with cannabis.

      One reason shrooms have less problems is that inexperienced people tend to take it in small doses. With LSD and cannabis it is common for people to take way more than they can handle. With LSD, you are never sure about the dosage, and cannabis (a "soft" drug) tends not to be taken seriously.

      • While I think the statistics here are pretty dubious, if we take them at face value I think another likely reason shrooms would have less hospitalizations is because you'll throw up if you take too many. Really, though, the difference between shrooms and acid is barely discernible and neurologically they do pretty much the same thing (serotonin/dopamine agonists).

        Concerning pot, I knew someone who was allergic to it and it made his throat swell up the first and only time he smoked it. He had to go to the ER

      • by swb ( 14022 )

        I think the distinction not being spoken of here is acute physical reactions vs. acute psychological reactions.

        Most of your hallucinogens are pretty difficult to achieve acute physical reactions with, but I think hallucinogens can be the source of acute psychological reactions, especially among inexperienced people and at common recreational doses.

        I would also say especially with LSD and mushrooms because they are pretty strong to begin with, and even cannabis in inexperienced users or at high potency level

      • The biggest safety issue around mushrooms for fun are related to properly identifying the "edible" ones, not getting stomped by a pissed off bull or cow, and not getting shot by Farmer Brown.

      • Another reason that mushrooms are less dangerous could be attributed to the fact that psilocybin is a prodrug, meaning specifically that it is not psychoactive until it is processed by the digestive system into psilocin. This creates a (variable) bottleneck to high levels of exposure based on how the drug is prepared, how it is consumed, and the digestive state of the individual who takes it.

        Consuming raw caps and stems in large quantities will lead to a considerable amount of the drug leaving through the

  • i would rather drink a beer or two and smoke a little 100% natural marijuana of the cannabis indica family, if this redneck state dont legalize it soon i am moving to a legal weed state
    • How do you love smoking Eagel 20/Nova, Avid, Shuttle, Pylon, Meltatox, Floramite and many other for ornamental only pesticides with long residual 1/2 life thats on your weed?

  • by GuB-42 ( 2483988 ) on Wednesday May 24, 2017 @09:59PM (#54481605)

    By safe they speak only about emergency medical treatment.
    It doesn't include long term damage (non-emergencies) and severity.
    You can get to the hospital just because you got into a situation you couldn't control, or because someone else panicked, but you were never in danger to begin with.

    Tobacco is probably really safe by this metric. Cancer usually won't get you in an emergency room...
    Still interesting, and the results make sense, just know it is not all there is to drug safety.

    • Tobacco is probably really safe by this metric.

      Probably, although ER visitors are twice as likely to be smokers as the general population []. Correlation v causation, sure, but it's still interesting.

    • by gosand ( 234100 )

      Not to mention that plenty of people overdose and DIE from all kinds of drugs. Guess what - they don't admit those people to the hospital.
      And people who are on some drugs like LSD may do crazy things and end up getting arrested, hurt, or killed - technically not directly attributed to the drug but what they did because of the drug.

      This story is kind of silly.

  • Should name the mushroom because some varieties are incredibly deadly.
    Those aren't the ones used for tripping though, more like the ones you read about in the news where yet another family cooked up some wild mushrooms they couldn't recognise and died.
  • The safest drug is nitrous oxide. The only documented medical problem for the drug itself is reduced B12 levels but only on (for most people) unrealistic levels of use. The number of users seeking medical help associated with the drug use are extremely small.

    There are associated problems like people getting frostbites due to incompetent handling of compressed gas and people suffocating due to inhaling too little oxygen but neither of those are a problem with the drug itself.

    Nitrous have a very short lasting

  • I've never gotten ill or thrown up from smoking pot. But I have from shrooms.

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