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Scientists Discover Way To Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet ( 95

schwit1 quotes a report from VICE: With the use of electrodes and sensors -- and zero lemons -- a group of researchers at the University of Singapore have announced that they can convince you that you're drinking lemonade, even if it's just water. Plus, they can send you a glass of lemonade virtually over the internet. In an experiment that involved 13 tasters, the subjects' taste buds were stimulated using electricity from receiving electrodes; LED lights mimicked a lemony color. Some were convinced that the water they were drinking was, in fact, almost as sour as lemonade. According to researcher Nimesha Ranasinghe, the experiment proved that taste can be shared online: "People are always posting pictures of drinks on social media -- what if you could upload the taste as well? That's the ultimate goal." Each of the subjects was given a tumbler filled with a liquid that was either cloudy white, green, or yellow. They were told to place their tongues on the rim of the tumbler before sipping. Then they took a taste and rated the beverage on appearance and taste. Some of the liquids were plain water and some were lemonade. "We're working on a full virtual cocktail with smell, taste, and color all covered. We want to be able to create any drink." Why would anyone want to drink a virtual lemonade? Advocates of virtual eating say that virtual foods can replace foods that are bad for you, that you may be allergic to, or that you shouldn't eat because of a medical condition.
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Scientists Discover Way To Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet

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  • by msauve ( 701917 )
    I've been able to do that for years.

    email: Go buy a lemon at the store. Taste it.
  • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

    stimulating two whole things, sour, which is shit lemonade and sweet, with nothing between

    hey lick a 9 volt battery and it taste like salt, where's my millions of dollars to jerk off at work for years on end

    • Re: wow (Score:2, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      That's not what you're doing at work all day? Could've fooled me.

      - your boss

  • digitally substituting the flavoring of one yellow liquid for another!

    Come to think of it, this would've been the perfect time for Slashdot's resident, "frosty piss," poster.

    • by bondsbw ( 888959 )

      Thank you, I hoped someone mentioned frosty piss.

      This site really hasn't had the same character since Dice... glad a few of us from the first decade of /. are still left.

      • by TWX ( 665546 )

        It's kind of funny how we almost come to miss the trolling that at the time we didn't care so much for...

  • If you lick a battery, it tastes sour. This is either a put-on, or an attempt to get published in the Annals of Improbable Research
  • On the hand, after looking at certain part of the Internet, I feel a bitter taster in the mouth also
  • ...this is great news! If you don't though you are SOL.

  • by Joe Gillian ( 3683399 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @12:05AM (#54140427)

    Here's what I'm wondering: clearly, all of the 13 participants in this study had consumed lemonade of some variety before. The summary states, however, that the researchers wish to use this to allow people who are allergic to a food to experience it. So my question is this:

    Say you take a group of people who have never tasted something before due to an allergy or other medical condition. You tell them that what they're drinking is the thing they've never tasted. How do they know it would even still work?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Nobody who was involved in applying for grants for this research believes any benefit to society will come of it whatsoever. They know we know the whole thing is bullshit, but they also know when the fix that only a figleaf is required to justify a grant. The taste-for-those-who-cant angle is for the humanists and the cocktail-over-the-internet angle is for the capitalists.

    • ... clearly, all of the 13 participants in this study had consumed lemonade of some variety before. ...

      Yeah, I'm too lazy to RTFA, but from the bad summary your point sounds right on. Using LEDs to simulate the yellow color is half if not most of the "taste" that has been received.

      I remember a while ago my wife made frosting and added pink food coloring. We could all swear that it tasted like strawberry frosting. But we did not add any strawberry flavoring whatsoever. The mere color of pink makes us expect to taste something strawberryish, to such an extent that it becomes impossible to separate out our sub

  • by DaTrueDave ( 992134 ) * on Thursday March 30, 2017 @12:28AM (#54140541)

    Please. Don't.

  • Well, I better not show you where the lemonade is made. /sweet, sweet lemonade

  • If you think goatse was nasty before...

  • [link removed for violation of company policy] Please collect your personal belongings and report to HR immediately.

  • by quax ( 19371 ) on Thursday March 30, 2017 @01:06AM (#54140679)

    The Smell-O-Scope [] can't be far behind.

  • when they can transmit sex over the internet.

  • I can do the same thing with hypnosis. I can convince you that piss tastes like merlot or chardonnay. I can encourage your mind to think almost anything about anything. In a group situation (such as a theater or arena) I can help thousands to believe they are drinking lemonade instead of water. Your mind is doing the work, I am simply a guide. Your mind has great potential that scientists and psychologists have yet to explore. It is frustrating that science refuses to examine hypnosis because it defies any

  • Next, you'll be able to transmit colors over the internet.
  • You make... lemonade?

  • OK, so we fool them into feeling like they are drinking a lot of straight vodka and observe them trying to drive home. Will they drive as if they are drunk? And then there could be virtual pot !
    • I actually saw this done - as a wee lad of 10(ish). My father and an uncle were settling in for an evening of Vodka and tipsy/drunken fun. Something was said that irritated my aunt. She quietly, out of sight of the 2 'grown' men, poured out the Vodka and refilled the 2 bottles with water. We set around and burst into laughter all evening as Dad and Uncle Buddy got totally pissed on 'water' and orange juice - - - rofl.

    • by TrixX ( 187353 )

      This happens, placebo effect works as good with alcohol as with other drugs. Not just that, different cultures have different behaviours associated to alcohol intake, and placebo drunk people tend to take the behaviours from their culture, which appears to imply that many (although not all) of the effects of alcohol are cultural.

  • Can it make me think I'm drinking beer at work? That would drastically improve my patience with my coworkers.
  • They're locally lighting up the water and attaching electrodes to the taster's tongue - neither of which requires the internet at all (just a local machine to control things). Yes, the internet can store the light/electrode "recipes" so there's a central repository, but I fail to see how the internet is an important part of it (after all, I suspect all the possible drink/light/electrode combinations would fit on a small USB stick).

  • Internet bad taste? Old news.

  • Obligatory Addams Family reference: Make is taste like real girl scouts.

  • Cool, maybe we can soon transmit a fart to someone!
  • Just put it in the tube. It'll get there.
  • So long as she thinks she is drinking gallons of mountain dew and not getting off the couch?

  • "You wouldn't download some lemonade"

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