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Let's Raise A Glass To The Many Tech Pioneers Who Died In 2016 ( 64

In technology, you're always "standing on the shoulders" of those who came before you -- and together, each individual's contribution becomes part of a larger ongoing story. So as this year finally winds to a close, click through to see our list of some of the pioneers who left us in 2016. And feel free to share any memories and reflections of your own in the comments.
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Let's Raise A Glass To The Many Tech Pioneers Who Died In 2016

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  • Omission (Score:5, Informative)

    by Empiric ( 675968 ) on Saturday December 31, 2016 @06:10PM (#53586189)
    Surely Marvin Minsky [] should be present on this list.
  • by ( 771661 ) on Saturday December 31, 2016 @06:11PM (#53586195) Homepage Journal
    Also you should add [] Jay Forrester (inventor of core memory, among other things) and Bob Fano (founder of the MIT computer science lab).
  • RIP (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mfh ( 56 ) on Saturday December 31, 2016 @06:47PM (#53586309) Homepage Journal

    2016 seems like a year where far too many awesome people died, but it's just the baby boomer curve.

    2017 will be much worse.

    • sad but I think this is more a sign of how people have become more aware and exposed to people through the internet. 20 years ago the media and communication that someone important died was non existent unless they were important enough to make the local news. As internet use and exposure continues to rise each year will seem like ever increasing numbers of well known people will die. The world is just a much smaller place than it used to be.
    • The world will be a better place once we get rid of the boomers.

  • Steve Ocko - two thirds of the team at the Media Lab who along with Mitch Resnick provided the leadership that kept new cool things in front of kids and let them express creativity in tech in ays that were engaging and fun. The three of them once presented via satellite from our place to kids who said hi then quickly wanted to speak to the kids on set building the whatever out of legos and code. They realized that the kids knew where the real action was.
  • APK didn't make the list. Oh, well - maybe next year?
  • by Anonymous Coward

    From Wikipedia:

    David Lewis Needle (1947 – February 20, 2016) was a key engineer and co-chief architect in the creation of the Amiga 1000 computer with Jay Miner, Dave Morse, and RJ Mical. He was one of the main designers and developers of the custom chips of the Amiga computer. Later he co-invented the Atari Lynx and the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer with Dave Morse and RJ Mical.

    A 1995 article in Next Generation commented "It's true that of the machines that Mical and Needle have created, only the Amiga has been a true global mass market hit ... But it's only fair to put forward the argument that this is down to the marketing of the machines rather than the quality of the product."

    Dave Needle died on February 20, 2016.

    They should add, "and the idiots at Slashdot forgot about him."

  • You should include Seymour Papert, co-inventor of the Logo programming language and education theorist, early AI researcher, and mensch. He will be missed.
  • The massive amount of shitposting this article got.

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