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Japan's Space Agency Loses Contact With New X-Ray Telescope Satellite "Hitomi" 77

As carried here by the San Francisco Chronicle, The Associated Press reports that Japanese space agency JAXA reports that it has lost contact with its new satellite "Hitomi," deployed last month and designed to explore deep space with X-ray telescopes. The AP story linked quotes Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who surmises that an "energetic event" has sent the craft into a tumble. The agency's release on the failure is terse, but leaves some room for hope: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) found that communication with the X-ray Astronomy Satellite âoeHitomiâ (ASTRO-H), launched on February 17, 2016 (JST), failed from the start of its operation originally scheduled at 16:40, Saturday March 26 (JST). Up to now, JAXA has not been able to figure out the state of health of the satellite. While the cause of communication failure is under investigation, JAXA received short signal from the satellite, and is working for recovery.
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Japan's Space Agency Loses Contact With New X-Ray Telescope Satellite "Hitomi"

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  • by TechyImmigrant ( 175943 ) on Sunday March 27, 2016 @10:44PM (#51790095) Homepage Journal

    I don't know about that satellite, but when I'm floating around in a vacuum and I have an energetic event, I feel pretty messed up.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    No space truckin' for you!

  • oh baby baby oh baby baby
  • by robbak ( 775424 ) on Sunday March 27, 2016 @11:26PM (#51790227) Homepage

    Sourced from the competition of things you may have read:

    https://twitter.com/planet4589/status/714113400008286208 :

    Oh this is very very bad. From @spacetrackorg "Breakup Notification: [...] ASTRO H at approx 0820z, 26 Mar 16: 5 associated pieces .."

    Suspected causes are a MMOD hit, battery explosion or cryo system overpressure. Suggestoin that "It's too early to write the satellite's obituary", but any good news is very unlikely.

  • who writes these headlines?

  • Aliens (Score:4, Funny)

    by confused one ( 671304 ) on Monday March 28, 2016 @12:00AM (#51790323)
    I'm not saying it was aliens; but... Aliens.
    • I'm not saying it was aliens; but... Aliens.

      Man I wish my mod points hadn't expired. You're 100% correct and I can prove it.

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      Pisses me off that I can't put in a simple currency sign: £

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        That might be a failing on your part. €, £, $, and as this is Japan, ¥. Or did you want ©, ñ, or ü?

        < © — €

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          Nope. I type the £ symbol on my keyboard, into a standard browser, that works on EVERY OTHER WEBSITE IN THE WORLD, even "just works" in Notepad, etc. And I get that shit.

          • by KGIII ( 973947 )

            What button is that? Try using the AltGr keys. In Windows, use the US International (though I think others work) and they insert it just fine. (I've done it, many times.)

            The other poster said I used the HTML entities. That is only partially true. lt gt mdash ndash are entities, as is euro. The others are inserted with the keyboard.


  • As you can see from these posts, Slashdot's allowance of anonymous posts is to its detriment. End Anonymous Cowards, and put in a real vote up/down system that allows everyone to vote on every post.

  • by pellik ( 193063 ) on Monday March 28, 2016 @01:02PM (#51793285)
    Japanese galaxy porn is the worst anyway, since they will censor the best parts.

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