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Virgin Galactic To Unveil New Version of SpaceShipTwo (wired.com) 45

New submitter Asep Saepuloh writes: Today, Virgin Galactic will unveil SpaceShipTwo, a vehicle the company hopes will one day take tourists to the edge of space. Just over a year since a test pilot was killed in a crash, Sir Richard Branson's reveal of the newest craft is set to happen in California late Friday at California's Mojave Air and Space Port, where it was assembled. The team behind the latest suborbital spaceplane includes leaders from NASA's mission control and astronaut corps, the militaries from three nations and from high-profile personnel from the aviation and transport industries. Virgin Galactic said: "We've charged them with developing a plan to safely test and operate a reusable spacecraft." The company claims that they have "done their homework" and hope that this time their journey into space can be a success.
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Virgin Galactic To Unveil New Version of SpaceShipTwo

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  • In light of recent regrettable events, I'm waiting for SpaceShipThree, thanks.

  • by OzPeter ( 195038 ) on Friday February 19, 2016 @02:29PM (#51542977)

    So the wired link doesn't like my ad-blocker. So I said to myself "screw them" and went and found another link.

    Virgin Galactic to unveil new spaceship [cnn.com]

    Yes it does have horrible auto play video that comes with an ad at the start, but I'd rather sit through that than be treated like Wired treats me.

    • " it does have horrible auto play video"

      Since you are using an ad-blocker, you should add a rule that blocks the container for the video.

  • by Punko ( 784684 ) on Friday February 19, 2016 @02:31PM (#51542989)
    Sorry, Wired.

    My adblocker is here to stay and I'm not whitelisting you. Nor are you worth $1 per month. Get proper adds and we'll see about whitelisting you.

    anyone have a link to the story that doesn't flow through Wired ?
    • Wish I wasn't out of mod points. Nice job editors, greenlighting a paywalled link.
    • Strangely enough, it works for me even with wired in the blacklist. I can read the article text, I just can't see what's in the big frame up top, which is probably a picture of the ship and I already know what it looks like. You didn't miss much anyway. The text of the article is a few brief paragraphs that doesn't add much to what somebody following the story knows already.

    • Nor are you worth $1 per month.

      I'm not advocating for or against Wired, but surely the amount of time you spent posting this response and (presumably) looking for a different link was worth more than one dollar?

  • Unfortunately, they've already lost. It's a cute idea that they have, giving 'spaceflights' to tourists with a wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket, but considering SS1 only just got to space and SS2 killed someone and has yet to get there, I don't see them as a competitor. The only reason they're on the map at all is because they just barely got a private astronaut to space. Their competition is running resupply flights for NASA and launching the satellites they claimed they would be doing by now. Th
    • by merky1 ( 83978 )

      Different markets entirely. Virgin was never selling an entry point to space based operations. It has always been a "vomit comet" http://www.livescience.com/291... [livescience.com] style ride for rich people. The only thing that may come out of this is commercial sub-orbital aviation, but it would probably a decade after this service operates and returns viable data points. Realistically, the more projects like this start operating, the move efficiency and sustainability of these operations will filter down to "normal"

      • You might think that they were different markets, but in 2013, they stated that the SpaceShipTwo was capable of launching 100 satellites daily. Seeing as they have yet to get the thing into space in the first place while others have launched satellites successfully and their competition is looking to get into manned craft themselves, things are not looking good for them. Similarly, the tech they're using (rubber and plastic based solid fuel rockets) doesn't seem to be very efficient compared to current tech
        • by jaa101 ( 627731 )

          You might think that they were different markets, but in 2013, they stated that the SpaceShipTwo was capable of launching 100 satellites daily.

          LauncherOne is what's doing the launching of satellites. It's an expedible two-stage launcher carried by SpaceShipTwo. At best, consider SpaceShipTwo its first stage but, unlike conventional first stages, it contributes only a very small percentage of the energy required to reach orbit.

          The Concorde flew at supersonic speeds because it was more efficient for it to do so, but modern aircraft don't because advances in the old designs caused them to become more efficient.

          No, Concorde flew very fast because it wanted to get passengers to their destination twice as fast as other airliners. Modern aircraft don't because, it turns out, not enough people are willing to pay the extra cost to tra

          • Actually, they've switched LauncherOne to use a Boeing 747 [virgingalactic.com]. IRC they couldn't get enough payload out of the White Knight Two/launcher combination.

    • Recently they've been talking up other aspects of their business and trying get generate enthusiasm for possibilities such as fast trans-continental flights. It seems they see the writing on the wall and are putting less emphasis on sub-orbital spaceflight as the main attraction in itself. Rightly so; as others such as SpaceX move steadily closer to crewed orbital flights it's hard to see much future in sub-orbital space tourism.

  • If it's a new version, shouldn't it be called SpaceShipThree?

  • Try this bookmarklet: https://gist.github.com/joepie... [github.com] Don't set a precedent by walking away to another website. You have a right to keep your computer secure from unwanted scripts.
    • It didn't work for me. I added the javascript:[...] as a bookmark, then navigated to the Wired page, and after the anti-adblock pops up I click the bookmark but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

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