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Receiving Real-Time Imagery From Russia's Meteor-M N2 Satellite 26

An anonymous reader writes: The Meteor-M N2 is a low orbit Russian weather satellite which broadcasts live weather satellite images, similar to the APT images produced by the NOAA satellites. But Meteor digital images are however much better as they are transmitted as a digital signal with an image resolution 12x greater than the aging analog NOAA APT signals. Radio enthusiasts are receiving images with hacked cheap digital TV dongles. There is even the AMIGOS project which stands for Amateur Meteor Images Global Observation System: users around the world can contribute Meteor images through the internet to create worldwide real-time coverage.
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Receiving Real-Time Imagery From Russia's Meteor-M N2 Satellite

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  • by kqc7011 ( 525426 ) on Wednesday February 03, 2016 @02:53PM (#51432921)
    A viewer for these images like MODIS Today does.
  • M2 is offline (Score:5, Informative)

    by Pikoro ( 844299 ) <init@i[ ].sh ['nit' in gap]> on Wednesday February 03, 2016 @03:26PM (#51433261) Homepage Journal

    This story must be crazy old because M2 is offline and has been for a while. M1 is available but it's tumbling and nobody's sure when it's going to quit. Complete tutorial on how to do these kinds of decodes, plus normal NOAA APT reception here: []

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    • The article is dated from yesterday.

    • To quote an AC, whose reply may be lost to those without a low threshold:

      Only the SAR (radar) on the M2 died. The optical imaging component is working just fine.

  • Who is going to break it to B.o.B? []
  • Doing It With Lunix (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    For those that don't want to use Windows, here's an ugly tutorial for Decoding Meteor M2 Satellites with Ubuntu. []

    I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to find a standalone app, perhaps for a Raspberry Pi that would simply output the desired images without having to do all tha manual recording and decoding through a GUI.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Maybe this can be helpfull: a python script to generate an image from the raw data

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