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Twins Study Finds No Evidence That Marijuana Lowers IQ In Teens ( 307

sciencehabit writes: Roughly half of Americans use marijuana at some point in their lives, and many start as teenagers. Although some studies suggest the drug could harm the maturing adolescent brain, the true risk is controversial. Now, in the first study of its kind (abstract), scientists have analyzed long-term marijuana use in teens, comparing IQ changes in twin siblings who either used or abstained from marijuana for 10 years. After taking environmental factors into account, the scientists found no measurable link between marijuana use and lower IQ.
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Twins Study Finds No Evidence That Marijuana Lowers IQ In Teens

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  • Teen-agers should not be smoking cannabis. Legalize and regulate it like alcohol... 21+

  • ... my kid was always stupid, then? Well, shit. :(

  • by OzPeter ( 195038 ) on Tuesday January 19, 2016 @05:47PM (#51332443)

    The people in Flint, Michigan are about to gain a first hand appreciation of what lead does to cognitive abilities.

    • The people in Flint, Michigan are about to gain a first hand appreciation of what lead does to cognitive abilities.

      Not to mention disposition to criminal behavior: []

      According to studies, the effects will become most apparent when the children exposed to lead reach their twenties.

  • by frovingslosh ( 582462 ) on Tuesday January 19, 2016 @05:55PM (#51332507)
    There seems to be an implication here that twins have identical IQs. I don't think that is valid and it strike me as more likely that the twin with the lower IQ is the one who elects to abstain from wacky weed and the twin with the higher IQ is burning out brain cells until they get down to their sibling's level.
    • There has already been a ton of study on correlation of IQ in twins. It's not 1:1 but it is better than the general population or siblings. I am sure they worked this into their statistics, if mj had negative effect the correlation would be less.
  • by dlenmn ( 145080 ) on Tuesday January 19, 2016 @06:07PM (#51332599)

    They look basically the same. It turns out that marijuana doesn't turn your brain into a fried egg []. Who knew?

    • Everyone who didn't believe the bullshit they spewed.

      If anything, that scaremongering campaign was detrimental to the whole drug prevention. Because kids ain't as dumb as these people. Or at the very least as dumb as these people think. The idea was "we scare the kids straight". And that backfired badly. Because kids tried weed, noticed that hey, it ain't killing me. And in turn came to the correct realization:

      They're bullshitting me.

      Of course this led to them ignoring the warning. And doing the same that t

  • by Tokolosh ( 1256448 ) on Tuesday January 19, 2016 @06:08PM (#51332605)

    This just in: Having a twin provides a natural immunity to the IQ-reducing properties of marijuana.

    "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years." - Mark Twain

  • by PPH ( 736903 )

    Dude, you go take the test. I'm staying home and getting baked.

  • I know that pot and tobacco don't really compare in many important ways, but from a scientific standpoint tobacco use is vastly easier to study. I point this out because it is actually difficult to quantify how much pot - or more critically in general, THC - a user really takes in over a unit of time. By comparison if someone says they smoke a pack of cigarettes a day we have really a pretty good idea how much nicotine, tar, etc is being taken in.

    It's nice to see a more statistically rigorous study, b
  • Gambling used to be illegal almost everywhere in the US. Gambling was addictive, it ruined families, it caused all manner of social ills.Then governments figured out how much money there was to be made from lotteries and casinos, and now gambling is legal and casinos and lotteries are everywhere.

    I think the very same thing is going to happen with cannabis. Colorado made about $125 million in tax revenue on weed last year. There are going to be a whole lot of other state governments that see that and

  • by Greyfox ( 87712 ) on Tuesday January 19, 2016 @07:50PM (#51333231) Homepage Journal
    What we're discovering is that everything they said about it is a lie. It was started by Richard Nixon, to use as a tool against the evil jazz musicians. It was perpetuated by entrenched interests like the for-profit prison system that is designed to maximize recidivism and can force its captive labor population to work for 75 cents a day. It is by far the biggest crime committed against the American people, with a financial impact in the trillions. And it is the perfect crime -- no one responsible for it or who profited from it will ever admit they were wrong, much less be held accountable for their actions.

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them WHAT to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.