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New Ebola Case Emerges In Sierra Leone (bbc.com) 19

An anonymous reader writes: Just hours after the World Health Organization declared an end to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, officials from Sierra Leone confirmed a death from the virus. The country was declared free of Ebola on November 7. "Ebola test center spokesman Sidi Yahya Tunis told the BBC that the patient had died in the Tonkolili district. He had traveled there from Kambia, close to the border with Guinea." WHO was quick to put out another press release saying there is an ongoing risk of flareups, and local governments and medical workers need to remain vigilant.
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New Ebola Case Emerges In Sierra Leone

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  • Clearly, breakthroughs in the study of the virus and the timely readiness of the vaccine have gotten Africa ahead of the curve.

    We just have to remember that it's a virus, like the annual cold and flu bugs, and never grow complacent.

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