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NASA Education PlayStation (Games) Robotics Sony

NASA Looks To PlayStation VR To Train Space Robot Operators (roadtovr.com) 13

An anonymous reader writes: Humanoid robots in space are attractive because their emulation of the human form makes them capable of a huge range of tasks. But remotely controlling such bots is a very different challenge from the math-based methods used to make probe course corrections or plot rover routes. NASA has collaborated with Sony using PlayStation VR to explore methods for controlling humanoid robots in space, and created a virtual reality simulation designed to train operators to compensate for the data delay caused by the vast distances involved in space communication.
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NASA Looks To PlayStation VR To Train Space Robot Operators

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  • In the very near future, at NASA...

    Okay, now I'll just move this part over here and... GODAMN LAG!

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Need I say more

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Speaking at a news conference today attended by tens of supporters, Donald Trump announced plans to build an interstellar wall to counter the threat of humanoid space robots. "Humanoid robots in space eat old white people, and they don't believe in Jesus," Mr. Trump told the audience. Revealing a project to construct a yooge coal enclosure around the Earth, the candidate also called for a database to track users of the popular Playstation VR videogame system. "Liberal institutions like NASA are using Playst

  • Saw a keynote recently [confreaks.tv] from one of the Phd's who worked on one of the Mars rovers at JPL and they're using the Microsoft VR to better visualize the Martian landscape. If you watch the linked video it's closer to the end, but the whole video is worth watching.

  • The human form sucks eggs for many tasks in space. Legs? Useless. An octopus has better multi-function design and a lot more grippers and manipulators. We need many many types of space robots if we are going to have any real space faring capable. Structure crawling builders and repairs, free flying bots, asteroid, moon crawling and mining bots, to name only a few. The only reason humanoid bots are generally useful in space is to use tools made for humans or compatible with human use. For many cases t

  • Humanoid robots are terrible in space...except for the PR value.

    Much better would be some octopus-like thing with large and small grippers and multitool swappable attachments and modules.

    Kind of like the squiddies from The Matrix.

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