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Medicine Technology

Swallow the Doctor: The Present and Future of Robots Inside Us ( 31

szczys writes: Feynman predicted that we would some day "swallow the doctor" and to some extent that is already happening. There are cameras in pill-form that the patient swallows to monitor the digestive tract, and pacemakers are now inserted via catheter rather than major surgery. The question is: where are we going with robots we can put inside our bodies? Intuitively it seems far away, but there is already an open source platform for capsule robots. Medical devices are where the money's at when it comes to hardware development. We can expect to see a lot of work in the coming years to make the man-machine hybrid something that is much more organic, sprinkled with small tablets of robot.
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Swallow the Doctor: The Present and Future of Robots Inside Us

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  • by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Monday November 30, 2015 @05:24PM (#51029559) Homepage

    Swallow the Doctor

    Is this the sequel to Nympho Nurses?

  • by fahrbot-bot ( 874524 ) on Monday November 30, 2015 @05:24PM (#51029567)

    Worst Dr. Who episode ever.

    • by TWX ( 665546 )
      I donno, if it'd been an episode featuring Peri or perhaps both Tegan and Nyssa it could have been rather memorable...
    • Well, you know It's Bigger on the Inside... []

    • Done []. Twice [].
    • First "track" in TFS, now you with "Dr" ... what's with all the typos, people?!

      • Worst Dr. Who episode ever.

        First "track" in TFS, now you with "Dr" ... what's with all the typos, people?!

        I've seen it both ways, though, you're right, more often spelled out and I was being lazy. But for you pedants... From 'Doctor Who' or 'Dr. Who'? Experts weigh in on the great name debate [] (and other links):

        It turns out that answer isn’t especially clear-cut. The conflict comes from the fact that the BBC previously credited “Doctor Who” as “Dr. Who” during the first run of the series, and there even was a 1965 movie released called “Dr. Who and the Daleks.”

        The BBC, different actors who’ve played the Doctor, and the show’s original creators have all often used ‘Dr. Who’ as an abbreviation for the show. Today more people prefer not to do that because it implies it’s the character’s name, .... I’ve noticed it’s mainly American fans who get angry about it, oddly.”

        The proper title for the series is ‘Doctor Who.’ To abbreviate it is not only lazy, but it sort of misses the point. Here’s why: The lead character’s name is ‘The Doctor’ (or at least that’s the only name he goes by). From the earliest episodes back in the ’60s, when he introduced himself as ‘The Doctor,’ he was usually met with the response, ‘Doctor who?’ That’s where the series’ title comes from (as any longtime fan will be happy to tell you). When people abbreviate the title to ‘Dr. Who,’ they’re actually removing his name from the title, adding the abbreviation of a professional occupation that has nothing to do with his adventures in time and space, and suggesting that ‘Who’ is his name. (It’s not.) So it’s wrong on not one, but three, very infuriating levels.

  • by NEDHead ( 1651195 ) on Monday November 30, 2015 @06:10PM (#51029905)

    is futile ...

  • Nurses have swallowed parts of doctors for centuries.

  • Never mind me, I just came here to read the "swallow" comments ;)

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