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NASA Launching 4K TV Channel 41

An anonymous reader writes: NASA has announced that it's partnering with Harmonic to launch a new TV channel that delivers video at 4k resolution (4096x2160). The channel is called NASA TV UHD, and it'll go live on November 1. Content will be generated by cameras at the International Space Station and on other NASA missions, as well as any 4K content they can remaster from old footage.
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NASA Launching 4K TV Channel

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  • That sounds great, but DirecTV still doesn't even carry NASA TV in HD.
  • Pan&scan back with a vengeance?
  • by BlueTemplar ( 992862 ) on Saturday September 12, 2015 @03:31AM (#50508567)

    4k and UltraHD are not the same format! []

    (Digital Cinema Initiative) 4k resolution means 4*1024=4096 columns, and generally 2*1080=2160 lines (with a resulting aspect ratio of ~17:9). It has been used for several years in movie projectors.

    UHD-1 means 3840x2160 (16:9), which is 4 times the "Full HD" of 1920x1080 (or, as it's often abbreviated, 1080p, with 1080 for the number of lines, and p for progressive, 16:9 ratio implied)
    (While there's also UHD-2, which is 4 times UHD-1 at the gigantic 7680x4320.)

    Most screens sold as "4k" are in fact only "UHD-1", except some specific ones, generally used for very high-end video editing, now usually advertised as "True 4k" (which includes a larger color gamut, among other things).

    There's also an issue that if you run at 4096x2160, 60Hz, 12-bit JPEG2000 colors, the overwhelming majority of HDMI and DisplayPort cables won't be able to carry the signal due to insufficient bandwidth (it would seem that some monitors can use two cables as a workaround).

    • by rossdee ( 243626 )

      I would like a monitor that does 3840 x2400

      • There are plenty of UHD monitors around. I've got a £600 32" IPS (BENQ BL3201PT) which I can't praise enough. It is a fantastic display. There are many more at 28" with prices £250 upwards.

        I used to have a dual monitor setup but there is no way I'm going back to that now. It is that much better.

  • I hope they also get some good microphones, and allocate decent audio bandwidth, so space feels less like the technological frontier it was 50 years ago, and so you don't need an interpreter to work out what they're saying.
  • NASA knows there is a boundary; we can't get into space. Everything NASA produces is "generated", it's virtual reality, nothing is real.
  • Now I can watch "VIDEO FILE" and "EDUCATION FILE" in 4K!

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