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A/C Came Standard On Some Armored Dinosaur Models 34

An anonymous reader writes In a new study, paleontologists revealed that armor–plated Ankylosaurs had an exceptional capability to change the temperature of the air they breathed with the help of their long, winding nasal passages. From the article: "Led by paleontologist Jason Bourke, a team of scientists at Ohio University used CT scans to document the anatomy of nasal passages in two different ankylosaur species. The team then modeled airflow through 3D reconstructions of these tubes. Bourke found that the convoluted passageways would have given the inhaled air more time and more surface area to warm up to body temperature by drawing heat away from nearby blood vessels. As a result, the blood would be cooled, and shunted to the brain to keep its temperature stable."
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A/C Came Standard On Some Armored Dinosaur Models

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  • We (humans) do the same: the air is conditioned -warmed and humidified- on its way through the nose. Blood flow to the nose is dynamic, changing the degree of expansion of the folds of tissue lining the sides of the nasal passages, which changes surface area for heat and moisture transfer as well as supplying more (usually) warm blood to deliver heat to the airstream. the new issue from this paper may be that it could change body temperature. In people it doesn't typically alter body temperature a lot, b
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Just sayin'

    • Yep, this is an intercooler, not AC.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    After all, it also came with the alligator-skin seats and the stadium seating...

  • The cords would just keep getting tangled up. You're much better off getting the DC model with a big battery pack.

    • It's even easier to just stop at the shaved italian lemon ice stand. Dinosaurs can put those down in seconds.
  • What type of outlet did they plug into? American? European?
    • What type of outlet did they plug into? American? European?

      African, likely
      European outlets wouldn't be able to carry enough weight, unless perhaps you had two of them with a string between them

  • Am I the only one who realizes that this does nothing? Let's say the air outside is 100F and your blood is 98F so you want to cool down. Let me calculate the thermal energy transfer in that case...hmmm yep, that's zero. I guess the dinosaur still overheats.
    • Well, I guess you'd better call paleontologist Jason Bourke and his team of scientists at Ohio University and tell them what a bunch of idiots they are.

      Let's say the air outside is 100F and your blood is 98F so you want to cool down.

      It was really hot yesterday. I put a sweater on. I got even hotter! Therefore sweaters are always useless.

    • Is it more likely that the article, which is a summary, and the summary, which is a summary of a summary, elided over important bits? Or that you are an idiot?

      Is it possible that warmer blood was redirected to the brain, and cooler blood elsewhere, yielding, in idiot terms, "nothing", but in pseudo-science terms "preservation of a favored organ"?

      Is it possible at all, that an overheated arm is of little concern, but an overheated brain might be a little more important?

      I apologise, science is obviously wron

  • No wonder the dinosaurs went extinct! Running the A/C all the time, they caused so much climate change that they wiped themselves out!

  • Not A/C (Score:3, Insightful)

    by nyet ( 19118 ) on Monday November 10, 2014 @03:52PM (#48352993) Homepage

    If it doesn't feature the Carnot cycle, it isn't actually A/C, IMO.

  • Some mammals have similar systems. As I recall, sheep are an example.

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