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Scientists Afflict Computers With Schizophrenia 143

An anonymous reader writes "Computer networks that can't forget fast enough can show symptoms of of virtual schizophrenia, giving researchers new clues to the inner workings of schizophrenic brains, say researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and Yale University. In their experiments, the scientists used a virtual neural network to simulate an excessive release of dopamine in the brain and found that the network recalled memories in a distinctly schizophrenic-like fashion. The results bolster a hypothesis known in schizophrenia circles as the hyperlearning hypothesis, which posits that people suffering from schizophrenia have brains that lose the ability to forget or ignore as much as they normally would. Without forgetting, they lose the ability to extract what's meaningful out of the immensity of stimuli the brain encounters."
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Scientists Afflict Computers With Schizophrenia

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  • Do schizophrenics typically have eidetic memories? This is not a symptom I was aware of.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      the medications supposedly help erase memories. at least my nurse seemed to think they do. In my case the medications seem to help, but I wouldn't stake anything important on so called anti-psychotics or even atypical anti psychotics either.

      in my case i drink heavily filtered water, avoid most sugar natural or not, and avoid artificial sweeteners, avoid all caffeine, and the only thing i noticed is my thirst dropped 50% and devoid of caffeine and sugar that i get less dizzy from my medications. i also have

      • by Xtravar ( 725372 )

        What about BOOZE to erase the memories? And does it work on virtual networks?

        • by matfud ( 464184 )

          Yes Booze does work.unfortunately it gives you a sore head . As for simulated networks... I've just added a "drunk" function to mine! It randomly modifies the link weights. It behaves about as well as an extremely drunk person. Success I suppose!

          • by matfud ( 464184 )

            Now to add the "hangover" functionality. That is a lot more difficult. Strange how you can easily get a NN drunk but it is far more difficult to give it a hangover.

      • they make you ignorant of them, they don't help you get over them... certainly not quickly, definatly when you stop and up-regulating has kicked in.

        There a bit like a very bad version of heroin.
    • Do schizophrenics typically have eidetic memories? This is not a symptom I was aware of.

      I've often read that remembering something is a constructive process. I tend to think of it like checking out a revision from source control software. All it has are a bunch of diffs and pointers, and it executes a process on them to construct a snapshot of what the code looked like at some particular time. From that perspective, the snapshot is a new piece of output, even though it's cached information from the user's perspective. Human memory is said to work the same way: it's reassembled, not retrieved.


    • Ok,
      Schizophrenics have less brown matter volume, this is the bit that joins things together, white matter focuses on 'tasks' (crudely)
      Over time both brown and white matter volume go down (note this is volume of matter that's observed, not number of neurons.. at least for a good good while)
      (though they say 'neuro toxicity' it's a load of unsubstantiated crap)
      Oddly, new research has shown that neurons migrate to points of higher entropy to solve problems then migrate back again if their not needed, possibly

    • I've known a couple of people with schizophrenia and other psychoses, and when they were in the middle of an episode, they would often recall trivial details from the past and incorporate them into what they were talking about. It was actually a little unnerving, sometimes, and I'm someone who tends to remember trivial details better than most people. I didn't really make the "eidetic memory" connection until reading this article. I always assumed that it was just a random sampling of trivia that they had r

    • There very specific about things, esp the origin of things and very black and white.

      Go ask one of them they've got that in-site at least.
  • Interesting (Score:4, Interesting)

    by somersault ( 912633 ) on Friday May 06, 2011 @12:28PM (#36048824) Homepage Journal

    I don't quite have schizophrenia, but I do tend to remember a lot and overthink things. Spending time disconnected from digital stimulus (for example, going for a decent walk every day, without bringing your phone) helps give your brain time to process everything.

    I'd think the effect of staying always connected is even worse for schizophrenics if this study is correct.

    On a different note, Slashdot has finally fixed its fortune cookie generator! Only took something like a week :p

    • Re: (Score:2, Offtopic)

      by treeves ( 963993 )

      As for your last sentence, I don't think so. Here's the quote at the bottom of my page right now:

      Try the Moo Shu Pork. 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    • by Rary ( 566291 )

      On a different note, Slashdot has finally fixed its fortune cookie generator!

      You call that fixed?!? I don't know what you're seeing, but over here on my screen, it's currently showing about 200 different quotes all separated by "%". I wouldn't exactly call that "fixed".

      I really wish the Slashdot developers would figure out how to set up a separate test environment, rather than just coding directly on the production servers, which seems to be how things are done here.

      • On a different note, Slashdot has finally fixed its fortune cookie generator!

        You call that fixed?!? I don't know what you're seeing, but over here on my screen, it's currently showing about 200 different quotes all separated by "%". I wouldn't exactly call that "fixed".

        It was unstuck and working here about an hour ago. Now, it's completely broken and showing all of the fortunes.

    • Right now for me its displaying a huge block of fortune file type text, I assume it is displaying the first fortune, then going right passed the % and keeps going till it hits a limit. Well its way better than lemmings, that quote was old the first day.

    • Uh, the fortune cookie generator exploded on me.

      Meanwhile, Hi Mods. this is On Topic because this is what TFA says being schizophrenic and unable to forget is like!

      Here we go!
      Try the Moo Shu Pork. It is especially good today. % Try to get all of your posthumous medals in advance. % Try to have as good a life as you can under the circumstances. % Try to relax and enjoy the crisis. -- Ashleigh Brilliant % Try to value useful qualities in one who loves you. % Tuesday After Lunch is the cosmic time of the wee

      • Meanwhile, Hi Mods. this is On Topic because this is what TFA says being schizophrenic and unable to forget is like!

        One more reason to be wary of any organization excessively collecting data. One day they will become schizophrenic, if they aren't already.

  • "which posits that people suffering from schizophrenia have brains that lose the ability to forget or ignore as much as they normally would."

    So the fact that it sometimes takes me twenty minutes to find my keys in the morning is a sign that I'm sane? That's oddly comforting.

  • Just tell the Schizophrenics the hop count of their crazy idea is 16. Yet another problem solved with poison reverse.

    • by GaratNW ( 978516 )
      This is really just a ploy to develop cheaper virtual machines. "No copy of Windows needed! Your Mac just THINKS it's Windows"
    • by doshell ( 757915 )
      I know you jest, but poison reverse does not refer to truncating the hop count. It means not announcing your route to the neighbor you learned it from (which, by the way, alone is not enough to ensure convergence of the routing protocol).
  • While the actual terms were likely off -- "stripped her amygdala" doesn't make a lot of sense -- this sounds like exactly what River Tam is supposed to have.

    Teaching this to computers doesn't seem like a great idea, though. "This was a triumph" indeed.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Artificial human intelligence at last!!!

  • very good info. make the analogy of schizophrenia with a computer network
  • Maybe:
    % rm /tmp
    I"m sorry, Dave, I can't do that.

  • "In one answer, for instance, DISCERN claimed responsibility for a terrorist bombing."

    Interesting methodology. I doubt though that it has a relationship to real schizo.

  • Cool so installing Windows makes one a Scientist

  • Sometimes I wonder how people develop their hypotheses. In this case, I'm wonder whether one of the researchers may have been struck by Morrison's Joker in the Batman Comic Arkham Asylum - in which a researcher describes the joker as hyper-sane, unable to filter out stimulus from the world around. Hmm.
    • I assume they studied the brains of schizophrenics, found they were producing a lot more dopamine than normal and then tried to figure out what that would do to a person based on what purposes dopamine serves and what symptoms could possibly be caused by those purposed going into overdrive.

    • It's been pretty well established that schizophrenics are rarely truly incapable of communication, just that frequently they encode the messages in an ad hoc register known only to them. I remember my abnormal psych book quoting patients that had been doing that prior to treatment. I've found that it's been fairly accurate in the limited number of people I've met that communicate like that. But if you've got access to the code book you can often times decode the speech. It's not easy because it requires a l

  • So these "Scientists" think the problem with "schizophrenic" people is they can't forget enough eh? I think the problem is what we CAN remember that no one else can. What's next? You're going to start wiping our memories for us? You already TRIED THAT!!!! IT DIDN'T WORK DID IT?!?! If you think I'm getting on that damned ship again and going to the pyramid, you're wrong. Johns told me about your plan and I'm on to you! The four corner day will supplant your illusion of euclidean time. ALL HAIL THE TIME CUBE!
    • assuming you are schizophrenic 'we' (as are a good lot of my good mates)....

      Is the origin of something exceptionally important to you.. like seeing is believing?

      If 20 people told you someone was a untrustworthy but all you'd seen for yourself was that they where,  would you give them the benefit of the doubt based on what you'd seem yourself. likewise the opposite.
  • It's called installing Windows Me.

    Actually windows 95 and 98 were not much better....

  • Cool, I'd proposed something along this line of research in a talk I gave at Shmoocon this year [].

    OK I'll go read TFA now.

  • ... I'm afraid I can't help you with your research on schizophrenia....

  • It's really quite excellent -- and vaguely linked to his Cryptonomicon universe... []

  • by Broolucks ( 1978922 ) on Friday May 06, 2011 @01:28PM (#36049542)

    I find the summary a bit confusing, though. What I have heard before is that the schizophrenic brain is poor at filtering out stimuli, meaning that unimportant details will stand out as much as important ones. For instance, it might have trouble filtering out ambient noise, so whereas a normal brain will cut off processing early on, a schizophrenic brain will process the noise the same way it would process salient, meaningful sounds. So what might happen is that the phoneme processing part of the brain will receive ambient noise as input and will make out voices and whispers out of it, because that is its job, and then these will be manipulated and interpreted as a conversation - maybe neighbors plotting against you, because why else would you be paying attention?

    Stimuli that should never make it past saliency processing get dispatched to the brain, which assumes that if it got this far, it must be meaningful (this is normally a fair assumption). From then on, it will "learn" to find meaning in noise, hence visual or auditive hallucinations, delusions, etc. From what I can gather, this study shows that an excess of dopamine could inhibit normal filtering functions, hence the "hyperlearning" on stimuli that should be thrown out, but isn't.

    • That's autistic spectrum as well... and defiantly not known for getting [personally] attached to things. maybe pissed off, but, like most people... just more sensitive... often less attached than 'typical' people.

      Both are known for 'black and white' thinking, and loads of trippy shit. the schizophrenics just get attached to it. (if they believe in themselves)... My mate got attached to his laptop... man and machine... you'd think you where molesting him if you went near it.... would only let one person sort
    • Actually, I have an issue like this that makes me very uncomfortable around crowds. For example, when I go to a restaurant, I can hear every conversation going on around me with the same relevance as someone sitting next to me. It drives me nuts because it prevents me from enjoying a conversation with the people I actuslly care about. In that situation, I either have to process everything at once and parse out the stuff relevant to who I'm trying to talk to, or block out everything as white noise and not pa

  • Did Slashdot's fortune thing at the bottom of the page just totally wig out?
  • Yes, I know it's not THE opposite, but that's what it sounds like to me.

    BTW, what's with the 5000 fortune cookies showing up in the footer of slashdot?!?

  • The problem with schizo people is not that they have too many "normal" memories. But that they remember too much of the "wrong" things.

    Have you ever woken up from a dream, and had difficulty, at least for a few moments, figuring out what is real and what is not? After those few moments, your mind clears, and you realize that your dream made no sense at all, and you wonder how you could have ever thought it was real. By the time you finish breakfast, the dream is forgotten.

    This is what schizophrenia is li

    • I've been on antipsychotics for a while, and I can attest to the fact that my memory is significantly worse than before I was on them. Part of the action against schizophrenia (not me, since I am diagnosed bipolar) seems to be reducing what you can recall in the hope of reducing the disruptive memories that one could think that schizophrenics recall. That said, far too little is known about mental health issues for anybody (professional or otherwise) to really say anything concrete.
  • Schizophrenia is a chronic physical (brain) illness, due to brain (nature/nurture) structure and/or chemistry.

    To compare schizophrenia a human malady to fycked-up technology application is sick. Texas universities probably have creationist classes and students believing amazon, sony, and pc/tablet crash, because it is godddd's will. As always, "Reality is self-induced hallucination."

    If a university wants to model a schizophrenic state using technology after we have proof of the physical causes, then there

    • In the many decades that psychiatry has been around, there is insufficient evidence of this: brain changes are caused by the drugs, not the condition. The mind body problem has plagued philosophy for many years and the materialist reductionist way of explaining it away as just brain chemistry is far from proven. Until we can answer that, we cannot hope to seriously try to pin down mental health issues as brain diseases or perhaps something else. We may never truly understand since the complexity of the o
  • It sounds like too much remembering induces positive feedback in the brain's pathways which lead to unstable oscillations. Forgetting is then required in order to dampen the system and stabilize it.

    If the brain remembers too much, it's possibly not the new stimuli which overwhelm it, but the combination of new stimuli plus the remembered information being replayed, all made worse by feedback paths.

    Just a wild-assed hypothesis.

  • I posted the following comment on neuroskeptic about this article:
    `"Noteworthy was the high frequency of agent-slotting exchanges between the hospital boss, Joe, and the Mafia boss, Vito, and parallel confusions between the “I” self-reference and underling Mafia members, suggesting generalization of boss/underling relationships."

    For the model to recognize these types of relationships, the authors would have had to explicitly tag these agents as possessing either these qualities the constituent e

  • This paper shows why psychologists should not touch computers, let alone write papers about it. Hyperlearning may be a cause of schizophrenia in people, but this paper shows nothing of the sort. The learning rate in artificial neural nets determines a step size for the optimisation of a function. You need small steps because at each step the learning algorithm ( gradient descent [], or error backpropagation in this case) assumes that the function is linear. So neurons in the human brain assume piecewise linear
  • Does this mean that people with photographic memories are more likely to develop schizophrenia?
  • Isn't this kind of what drove HAL crazy?

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