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Alaskan Officials Seek to Ban Taser Hunting For Moose and Bear 5

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game have put out a press release seeking to prohibit the use of electronic control devices for hunting. According to the release: "The department recognized the lack of authority to regulate the use of (Tasers) on wildlife and brought the concern to the Board of Game. Restricting the use of (Tasers) will reduce the risk of improper or unethical use on wildlife by the public or other agency personnel who are unfamiliar with the potential effects and hazards." This comes a few months after Taser announced a new wildlife management model.


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Alaskan Officials Seek to Ban Taser Hunting For Moose and Bear

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  • WTF??? Are people really tasering moose or bears?

    Why would you even be doing that? I sure as hell wouldn't want to get close enough to a bear for a taser to be a viable option, and given the relative size of a bear, I'm not sure I'd trust it to incapacitate it.

    That's just plain bizarre!!

  • Well at least it gives the moose a fighting chance against it's opponent, unlike a rifle shot from 500 yards....
  • Why does this need to be made Illegal? "Too many people are pissing off bears with stun guns" seems to be the kind of problem bears would be very good at solving by themselves.
    • 1. People Tasering bears.

      2. ????

      3. Profit


      Now what could fill in the question marks?

      Try this :

      2a. Market a range of special "Bear Tasering" rechargeable batteries for Tasers.

      2b. Get Sony to put miniaturised video cameras into the batteries, which only activate after (about) 20 bear Taserings ; put some shitty DRM on the camera's recordings.

      2c. Users get used to Tasering bears ; bears get pissed off.

      2d. Batteries start running their cameras instead of powering the Tasers.

      2e. Sony's DRM means that

You are in a maze of little twisting passages, all different.