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What Does Your Ph.D. Look Like In Dance Form? 3

cremeglace writes "The journal Science is sponsoring the 3rd-annual 'Dance Your Ph.D.' contest. Grad students in science-related fields create a video of their dissertation, interpreted in dance form, and compete for $1,000 and a screening at a film festival in New York. 'Science-related field' is broadly defined and includes computer science and engineering. Some funny videos from past years of the contest are up at the contest website, and an official announcement is in the print edition of this week's Science."

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What Does Your Ph.D. Look Like In Dance Form?

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  • My PhD work was in supernova remnant evolution. I'd prefer not to explode.

    • by sznupi ( 719324 )

      Considering we are all, sort of, an "evolved supernova remnant", I'd say you have pretty much free reign when it comes to way of expression (and one of the biggest bragging rights)

      Maybe visualise the path from small dust (dancing that out would be funny - only a speck of you visible / lighted + brownian motion? ;p ), another nearby blast initiating coalescing of our system (more light! And convince some people to stick new parts of costume on you), bringing of water to Earth (that will be funny), ... , amph

  • I'm glad they have PhD's and I won't be seeing them on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon.

"Card readers? We don't need no stinking card readers." -- Peter da Silva (at the National Academy of Sciencies, 1965, in a particularly vivid fantasy)