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Stem Cell Targeting Wins First Nobel of 2007 48

An anonymous reader writes "'Gene targeting,' which allows scientists to isolate stem cells in mice and reproduce genetically modified offspring, has won the Nobel Prize for medicine. Having allowed pathologists to better understand diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and cystic fibrosis for close to 20 years, the technology is just now getting its big day in the sun. From Nobel's full how-it-works: 'Their [i.e. ES cells] use as a vehicle for the transfer into the mouse genome of mutant alleles, either selected in cell culture or inserted into the cells via transformation with specific DNA fragments, has been presented as an attractive proposition. In many of these studies the use of pluripotential cells directly isolated from the embryos under study should have great advantages.'"
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Stem Cell Targeting Wins First Nobel of 2007

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  • by zappepcs ( 820751 ) on Monday October 08, 2007 @05:07PM (#20903853) Journal
    but that sounds like they are well on their way to creating Mighty Mouse.... He'll save us from Global warming, right?
    • Last I read, they'd created regenerating mice, super-long-lived mice, and fearless mice. Combining the together... yup: Mighty Mouse :-)
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by n dot l ( 1099033 )

      He'll save us from Global warming, right?
      And terrorists, too. Don't forget the terrorists (or the childrens).
  • As I said in my blog entry [utah.edu] about it ('bout 3:00 this morning when we heard about it), I am actually surprised it took this long as it would be hard to quantify how much science has been dependent upon Mario's work or even work that comprised prior Nobel Prize awards. Certainly my science going back to my dissertation has relied on transgenic techniques pioneered by Mario Capecchi and I owe much to him, but more importantly the doors for much discovery made in bioscience over the past several decades would s
    • by glwtta ( 532858 )
      Mouse knock-out models have been paying my salary for the last 5 years, so I'm inclined to agree that it's about time.
  • Cue totally irrelevant, misinformed, and asinine stem cell blather in 5..4..3...

    Oh, wait - I'm too late.
  • I have met Martin Evans as my mum knows him, plus he was born in my home town. I'll may be invited to the celebration party, something I think I won't be able to turn down.
  • This story is not about stem cells. It's about knocking out genes (mostly in mice) to figure out how what metabolic pathways certain genes control.
  • ...Jesus will kill a kitten

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