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A Microbe's-Eye View of Beer 177

fjordboy writes "After a hard days work and a couple of beers, don't we all really wonder what our draft would look like under thousands of times magnification? Maybe not, but after nine years of work and five million dollars, Michael Davidson of Florida State University has created a website of microscopic proportions that will satiate anyone's curiosity. His site, MolecularExpressions.com has galleries full of images of ordinary materials under extraordinary magnification. The list of materials includes beers from around the world, popular cocktails, snoopy and many more. The site has a wealth of images that are well worth a look. CNN has a brief description of the site and the work that went into it, but feel free to skip that and just gaze at an Irish favorite." Some pretty new galleries since the last time we mentioned it.
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A Microbe's-Eye View of Beer

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