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Lance Bass to Continue to Plague Earth's Surface 171

thepooleboy writes "Looks like N'Sync member Lance Bass is NOT going to be shot into space! Yahoo News reports that Rosaviakosmos has not begun talks with Bass or MirCorp. "[Bass' flight] is just an advertising stunt, I can promise you," Spokesman Sergei Gorbunov said. "This is better advertising than he could ever pay for." Good! I'm glad that no cheezy teen pop videos will be staged on the ISS. At least not in the near future..."
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Lance Bass to Continue to Plague Earth's Surface

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  • by wrinkledshirt ( 228541 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:18PM (#3057584) Homepage
    ...only without the rocket.
  • Good (Score:3, Funny)

    by Nohbdy001 ( 265019 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:18PM (#3057590) Journal
    I was starting to have flashbacks to that movie on the Disney channel "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" or something.
  • by thesolo ( 131008 ) <> on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:21PM (#3057603) Homepage
    The title of this thread seriously made me laugh out loud. I think I'll suggest a poll of the funniest thread titles to ever hit /.

    I'm pretty sure that "Lance Bass to Continue to Plague Earth's Surface" would even outrank the CowboyNeal option!
  • I hadn't heard of this at all until I just read it here.

  • Of Course Watson! (Score:4, Informative)

    by 1155 ( 538047 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:22PM (#3057609) Homepage
    "This is better advertising than he could ever pay for"

    Well yeah... He even got it onto slashdot, as well as my local news, and I think that is some good marketing, as compared to a commercial.
    • I'm amazed this made it to slashdot, this would only be news for nerds of they shot the whole lot of em off into space in some linux powered spacecraft.......and it "mysteriously" SegFaulted right about the time it hit the point of no return...

      [root@laptop]~/: ssh spacestation
      root's password:

      [root@spacestation]~/: init 0
      connection to spacestation closed

  • What would the 12 year old girls do without all of NSync on the planet? Can you say total chaos?
  • "Good! I'm glad that no cheezy teen pop videos will be staged on the ISS. At least not in the near future..."
    What concerns me more is that I was happy not knowing about this and for some reason slashdot has decided this was "news for nerds. stuff that matters.". Anything that concerns a boy band member is _not_ something that matters.
  • by mystik ( 38627 )

    Wait a min --- something is weird with this story ....

    A quick search confirmed my suspicion -- this is the FIRST TIME N'Sync has ever been mentioned in a story directly. Slashdot has managed to avoid their names for this long ....

  • by Alien54 ( 180860 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:26PM (#3057624) Journal
    Personally, I think that there people that it would be worth sending into space.

    Although there is the question of who should we send to stay, and who gets to come back. Sending certain overly rich folks such as Bill Gates or Michael Jackson to space to stay only invites comparison to certain old Justin Powers tv episodes (from the series that never existed, yet)

    Any nominations for people to send to space and leave there? People to send to space and return for the benefit of mankind?

  • Again... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by minusthink ( 218231 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:32PM (#3057652)
    I said this before when N'Sync was going to be in episode II.

    Who among us wouldn't do the exact same thing if we had the resources?
    • Re:Again... (Score:1, Redundant)

      by thesolo ( 131008 )
      Who among us wouldn't do the exact same thing if we had the resources?

      And by "resources", you mean "a legion of screaming 13 year old girls", right?

      The difference is that if any of us here on /. had that kind of money, we would probably have it from our intellect, not from people writing songs for us, and some record company mass-marketing us ad nauseum.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    ...he's going to go. He's got the money.

    The fact that he hasn't started negotiating with the Russians yet doesn't mean much - he's just contacted the people that are supposed to negotiate with the Russians for him. It'll happen.

  • ...this is the funniest headline to ever appear on Slashdot. I'm dyin'.
  • That's the saddest news I've heard in ages.
  • by Neuracnu Coyote ( 11764 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:49PM (#3057700) Homepage Journal
    Yes yes, we all know that Lance Bass is a rich popstar twit and we loathe to think that he can get a ride on the space station and we can't. Boo-freakin'-hoo.

    Last time I checked, just about everybody here was 100% for space-tourism. Shooting Lance's jiggy ass up there is going to promote that just as much as it is his crappy band. Just be thankful that he wasn't going to be the first. Personally, I'd love to see as many tourists up there as we can get with an orbiting Hilton to house them all.

    Oh yeah, and I liked the Daily Show's headline graphic for this story: 'N Space
    • A person who thinks his money and publicity hype puts him above listening REAL CAREFULLY to the "how to stay alive in space" lectures and figures that the spacemen around him will keep him safe if he's in REAL trouble because he is famous and thinks he knows something because he watches a lot of sci-fi movies actually isn't somebody we want going into space to further space tourism.

      At the current primitive state of space technology, the classic "tourist fuckup due to inattention" means death. In an emergency, our brave, intrepid astronauts will do their best, but will be too busy trying to save their own asses to spare much time for a pop star they detest. (if they don't, they aren't smart enough to have been selected for the station to begin with)

      Though if he decides he can safely go for a space walk without a space suit because it would be real kewl and anyone gets video footage, I hope it gets posted on the Web and broadcast. THAT would be real entertainment.

    • Personally, I'd love to see as many tourists up there as we can get with an orbiting Hilton to house them all.

      I believe Hilton Hotels has officially stated they intend to be the first hotel in space, although I don't know how serious they were when they said that. Anyone have a link?
    • I be orbitin' around you baby
    • Oh yeah, and I liked the Daily Show's headline graphic for this story: 'N Space

      Personally, I like CNN Headline News' title for this story: "'N Sunk"
  • The best headline I've ever seen on /., or in the media in general in a long while (minusing, say, The War On Terrorism - "TWAT"). Chrisd, you are to be commended. Anyone believe otherwise?
  • ... but I'd rather see him on the ISS then on tour... think about it!
  • nice one with the 'TWAT' but perhaps we can send lance up and test the star wars system.
  • by BRock97 ( 17460 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @01:58PM (#3057722) Homepage
    Come on, I am sure that quite a few /. folks wouldn't do the same thing if they had the funds in a heartbeat, at least those of us that could squeeze into a space suit (myself excluded).

    Of course, I am not quite sure where all the animosity comes from. I will be the first to cry out against N'Sync and all that Jedi mumbo jumbo that Lucas tried to pull. Bass himself seems to be pretty smart and articulate, though (from what I saw when he was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire way back when it was fun to watch at a bar with friends with lots of beer). Of course, anyone talking with Regis Philbin would probably seem pretty smart in comparison. Now that I think about it, not the best way to judge someone.
    • by nomadic ( 141991 ) <.moc.liamg. .ta. .dlrowcidamon.> on Saturday February 23, 2002 @07:36PM (#3058793) Homepage
      Of course, I am not quite sure where all the animosity comes from.

      Because he represents the worst in 21st century culture. It's not the money we mind; look at the last space tourist, few people here begrudged him his trip. I liked his going up, because it was nice to have someone besides the all-American square-haircut aeronautical engineer types actually getting to go up there.

      But a pop singer? Come on...
    • Of course, I am not quite sure where all the animosity comes from.

      Here's N'Sync's take on it during their hit single, "Pop":

      "Now, why you wanna try to classify the type of thing we do
      Cause were just fine doin what we like, can we say the same for you
      Tired of feelin all around me animosity
      Just worry about trust cause I'ma get mine, people can't you see"

      It's my opinion that BRock97 is defending Lance Bass so fiercefully because he is Lance Bass. :)
  • by thumbtack ( 445103 ) <> on Saturday February 23, 2002 @02:01PM (#3057729)
    Out of Sync with the mission goals.
  • How about we send all the boy bands, Britney, and their like on a one way trip to Mars.
  • As a community perhaps we should be willing to sponsor Wil Wheaton. After all he is the only person on slashdot who really has been in space. Of course this isn't a starship but, hey he's the most qualified. What say Wil?
  • Its one thing to invade the TV and radio, but it is another thing to invade Star wars and the ISS with this junk. Whats next, my physics book?
  • hmmm... so the space part was cancelled... is the shooting still on? Just kidding :)
  • why is this on slashdot? i bet its more about the fact that people are paying to go into space that have traditionally not been able to go there that lance bass. that millionaire guy started the ball rolling on commercially bought space flights, and to hear now mainstream advertising is taking a interest and part in utilizing the space program for its needs is a new push in the mix of technology and advertising IS news. The fact the writer needs to attack Lance Bass as 'not his cup of tea' so that no masculinity points are lost is pretty OT.

    It never fails to ammuse me how much people tend to attack nsync when these people are clearly not the intended audience.

    if you like to talk about entertainment merit for their audience, you couldnt even start to muster up some sort of attack in the face of the overwhelming numbers supporting them. sales?...please! marketing prowess of their management?.... you are reading about them now.

    and id be in a boy band in a second if i could go to space. oh, and the millions would be nice...and the groupies!....

    im forming a boy band, who wants to come?
  • ...I would be at the observation pad putting .50 FMJ rounds into the sides of the solid rocket boosters.
  • by Jeppe Salvesen ( 101622 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @02:35PM (#3057831)
    (AP) Lance Bass rocked out during orbiting, and accidentally triggered an obscure mechanism that fired the propulsion system, sending him off out into deep space. Bass is still in contact with Mission Control, saying "Comrades, we have a problem" repeatedly. No comrades appear to be listening, though.

    That was my dream. Now I have to find another dream.

  • Lance Bass (Score:3, Funny)

    by Flarelocke ( 321028 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @02:44PM (#3057871)
    You know you're a geek when you think Lance Bass is a kind of long fish.
  • by dstone ( 191334 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @03:00PM (#3057922) Homepage
    Mod me down as redudant if you like, but props to chrisd for that one.
  • If all else fails, he'll be able to get on the launch wit h the personnel officers, public relations executives, management consultants, and telephone sanitizers.
  • Bogus quote? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by wadetemp ( 217315 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @03:10PM (#3057957)
    "[Bass' flight] is just an advertising stunt, I can promise you," Spokesman Sergei Gorbunov said. "This is better advertising than he could ever pay for."

    Where did that quote come from? I didn't see that anywhere in the Yahoo news article. And according to the article I read about this the other day [], nothing was ever said about it begin a done deal.

    If you're ever privaledged enough to be able to even SAY you want to TRY go to space on a partcular space flight, why should any of us put you down for it? It's only a step forward towards average Joe being able to take space flights, not a step backward.
  • . . .and now we take you to the ISS, sometime in the future. . . .

    (Lance Bass): Excuse me, Mister Astronaut, but after all this Tang(tm), I gotta whizz something awful. Where's the john up here ???

    (Astronaut): Certainly.... go through that round hatch, close it, and spin the wheel. When the light turns red, press the big red button on the wall, and the door will open to the waste disposal area. . . .

    (a minute goes by)

    (outside view) Lance Bass's corpse floating in vacuum

    And people think spending money on the ISS is a waste (evil grin)

  • by wowbagger ( 69688 ) on Saturday February 23, 2002 @04:44PM (#3058262) Homepage Journal
    Come on people, think this one through!

    We are already under a strict "No Contact" ban in the Galactic Confederation - we go shooting NSync members into space and we will downgraded from "Not ready for contact" to "Dangerous - destroy immediately".

  • Guys, Lance will be alright. He has gone through the vigors of space training before. He attended Space Camp when he was twelve...
  • ...No-one can hear you sing!

    'Nuff said.
  • What if Lance Bass, or the other BoyBandites read Slashdot?
  • by coug_ ( 63333 )
    To quote the Comic Book Guy..

    "Best Slashdot article title ever"
  • Good! I'm glad that no cheezy teen pop videos will be staged on the ISS. At least not in the near future..."

    weren't mike and janet jackson on a space ship just a few years ago?

  • I laughed out load when I read the title of this article. Excellent!!

    Two thumbs up on the title.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Mod me up, baby
  • ...into space before it's too late! Eventually there WILL be an accident. And don't try to tell me that NASA's safeguards are sufficient. Imagine the devastating environmental impact of vaporized Lance Bass filling the upper atmosphere. It could well be the end of us all!

  • I've just finished skimming through this thread, and while I understand why a member of N'Sync is the subject of widespread ridicule, I do want to pause for a moment and say why I think it might be a good idea for Mr. Bass, or anyone well known, to visit the ISS (as long as, of course, they pass the flight certification requirements and have been trained in Houston and in Star City, as all professional astronauts and cosmonauts do, to the extent that their individual mission requires.)

    The ISS program has been subject to some very severe criticism on the part of the US government due to cost overruns and repeated delays. The station was originally designed to have a seven-member crew and perform hundreds if not thousands of science experiments over its design life. Due to the loss of the US Habitation Module and the Crew Return Vehicle (not to be confused with the Honda CR-V), that crew has been cut to just three - and it takes two and a half people to just operate the station, leaving only a comparatively tiny amount of time free for science. The station may find its budget cut yet further if NASA can't rein in the cost increases, though the new Administrator is quite experienced at budgeting (which is, actually, why he was chosen).

    One way to help the station pay its way is these "pay your way" visits. They are not disrupting the station's already-existing schedule, as the "ferry" flights that are used for these paid tours are already built into the program. Their purpose? To exchange the long-term crew's Soyuz "lifeboat" for another every six months, the Soyuz' certified on-orbit lifetime. Typically, the taxi crews stay on the station for about a week, then depart in the Soyuz already attached to the station, leaving the new one behind.

    If you considering the importance of the ISS in long-term space exploration as a way to gain experience in long-duration missions (as Mir allowed us to do) and as a departure point for future missions to the Moon and Mars, you see why these tourist missions are important: help balance the shortfall in what NASA and other governments can't provide and help boost public interest in, and awareness of, the ISS program.

    "This is better advertising than he could ever pay for."

    Better advertising for the ISS. The more famous the proposed visitor, the more likely the news will be everywhere, regardless of whether or not he or she ever visits the station. And, if those press articles also explain in an unbiased way why the ISS is vital to us and to future generations, then perhaps its future will be assured as more than just a footnote or stumbling point on the way off of Earth.

    That's the real reason this is an important piece of news.
  • First Star Wars, now the Space Station. Is nothing sacred? Is nothing safe from these guys? Next thing you'll know they'll be running for President.
  • About Mark Shuttleworth? And if I recall, he's launching in two months.

    Rosvikosmos says "He hasn't spoken to us as of yet". My guess is that the yet portion will take place in about 2 weeks.

  • I didn't know N'Sync had names!

    Maybe they named them so they could sell dolls and 7 tshirts instead of just one? (Or was that Meneudo that had seven?)
  • ...and leave them there.
  • Am I the only one who is saddened at the thought of the ISS project losing the money that they would have gotten from Lance's tourism? I mean, if he's fit, passes the requirements, and he's got the money, I say, PLEASE give it to the ISS!

    I mean, sure, I don't listen to the group and never will...But I'm all for expanding into space. The problem is that the ISS is running low on funds...It would be A Good Thing for space tourism to help further the project.

    I have read the /. hive wishing the ISS project would get more money.

    I have just read that the /. hive is happy that the ISS project is not getting that money from an excited young man just because he happens to sell alot of albums to 12 year old girls.

    I am confused. Which happens regularly on /. these days, it seems.
  • Liver donor testing for Osama is taking place in Ankara, Turkey on Feburary 25th at 9am outside of the Ankara Days Inn. Please arrive several hours early in support of this movement in this.. humanity's darkest of hours. The last thing we need to hear broadcasted over the airwaves is "One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap for Pop Music" And May god (if you exist i'm gonna pimpslap you for this) have mercy on us all.
  • ...really hoping this was the start of some huge master plan to start launching boy-bands into the sun.
  • Which one is he???
    a) sensitive blonde
    b) tough yet caring brunette
    c) quiet one with goatee and ghetto jewelry
    d) funky hair
    e) the other one, who needs more publicity

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