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Space Science

Genesis Mission - Search For Origins 51

kurros writes "For those who haven't been following the project, the Genesis will finally lift off Monday at 12:36pm EDT. The launch will of course be aired on NASA TV. The Genesis mission is a step towards understanding exactly what the Sun and planets in our system are made up of, and hopefully provide data to help explain its origins."
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Genesis Mission - Search For Origins

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  • Ah, thank you. This explains why theologians are usually responsible for so many of the break-through scientific discoveries and theories and new technologies that improve our life. It's a wonder thepoor scientists can even compete, what with the priests always accurately predicting what the scientists will find decades or centuries in advance!

    (Apologies for the sarcasm, but some things just seem to beg for it so much that I can't help myself.)

  • Phil Collins: "I'm talking nonce sense."

    Hacker: A criminal who breaks into computer systems
  • I hope that Khan doesn't get his hands on this! Why, he might blow up the Mutara Nebula!


  • All you have to do is convince Dubya that Saddam and the Chinese are going to build a moonbase, and there'll be Americans on the moon building a moonbase before Dubya gets kicked out of office.

    Hacker: A criminal who breaks into computer systems
  • "The Genesis mission is a step towards understanding exactly what the Sun and planets in our system are made up of"

    Uhmmm, atoms?
  • Actually, I've seen plans for a human return to the Moon using existing (or soon to be available) launch vehicles that could do the mission in 2003 or 2004 if we really wanted to. It'd probably cost one or two billion dollars over NASA's planned budgets, and would land facilities to actually start the construction of a permanently manned base on the Moon (which would take a series of such visits to actually set up). The time is probably close to right for this - I hope it goes somewhere and doesn't just get swallowed in the NASA bureaucracy never to emerge!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Talk about closed-minded. Anytime someone posts something on /. with any hint of Christian beliefs, it gets modded down to troll. Usually with flames saying "what about all the other religions.. not everyone believes.. blah blah" Why is everyone here so closed minded towards Christianity? It's like the mentality that "well if it's popular it must be bad and anti-geek" or something. Do you believe in the free practice of religion? Do you believe in free speech? Are you against censorship? So why would you subdue an alternative viewpoint to your own?
  • obviously the broken link reflects on the careless
    nature of the poster and not NASA...

    but on the upside, I have worked personally with
    both the Pricipal Investigator and a couple of
    the Co-Investigators of this project in the past,
    and I can tell you that if any NASA project has
    ever had great possibilities and promise of
    bringing home evidence capable of changing theories
    it is this one. These people are all absolute
    top-notch scientists that are capable of a
    synergetic teamwork that can forever change
    how people view the early universe.

    the bottom line -- stay tuned for their results,
    because if they succeed they will have hard
    evidence for which to prove and/or disprove
    many existing astrophysical theories...
  • From the quirky-but-pointless department: every tech company I've worked with has had a project called Genesis that's been running for years, hasn't produce anything, but hasn't been cut. Here's my theory why:

    Budget meeting:

    • PHB #1: We need to half the budget to pay for the CEO's new Ferrari.
    • PHB #2: How about if we cut this Genesis thing? It's been running for years but nobody really knows what it is or what it's supposed to produce.
    • PHB #1: You fool! You can't cut Genesis!
    • PHB #2: Uh, why not?
    • PHB #1: Say it out loud. Genesis. Genesis! . With a name like that, it must be important. Do you want to be known as the guy who killed Genesis?
    • PHB #2: Now that you put it like that... OK, let's just cut the training budget again.
  • Exatly what bible and what god are you referring to? From your description I assume you are talking about the Christian Bible.

    Besides being sexist(downfall of Man was Eve's falt) and archaic(burn all who do not believe), your bible also says that the world is flat, the sky is solid and that mustard comes from a tree. Many chapters and many books contradict each other. Of course this is taken out of context and can be explained by obscurity-- I mean faith. I guess snce everyone else believes in it I may as well jump of the fundamentalists bandwagon. Yipeeee! ;)

    okay enough of that...

    If your lord is your shepard, then I am the big bad wolf

  • Dear friend, it is not due to our lack of appreciation for differences of opinion (so long as it isn't about OS related issues). It seems that a great many actions have been taken in God's name by Christians throuhgout the last few K years that are quite contrary to values us smart people take for granted.

    Like burning books and libraries and museums, persecuting learned men, burning literate women (for being literate), and keeping a tight lipped monopoly on the bulk of relevant historical artifacts.

    Not to mention the utter hypocrisy of most Amerikan Christians, who would sooner die than actaully live thier lives as Jesus allegedly would have. Forgive us if we are a bit jaded concerning the genuineness of your 'position'. That is WJWD, isn't it?

    Carl G. Jung

  • Have you heard? It's in the stars
    Next July we collide with Mars.
    Well, did you evah?
    What a swell party this is!
  • this works, too
  • Lets hope the knowledge and technology gained from this doesn't fall into the wrong hands. We all know what happened last time [] that happened.
  • From the press kit... In September 2004, the samples will arrive on Earth in a dramatic helicopter capture. As the sample return capsule parachutes toward the ground at the U.S. Air Force's Utah Testing and Training Range, specially trained helicopter pilots will catch it on the fly to prevent the delicate samples from being disturbed by the impact of a parachute landing. The samples will be taken to NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, where the collector materials will be stored and distributed for analysis. The samples will be maintained under extremely clean conditions to preserve their purity for scientif-ic study throughout the century.

    Thats sounds like it might be worth watching. Does anyone know the details of the recovery? I'd guess that they plan on using a net of some kind. NASA really needs this, just to put something out there that can impress Joe Taxpayer.
  • by Khan Fused ( 446871 ) on Sunday July 29, 2001 @01:58PM (#2184577)
    ... responding against my better judgement

    a) "(Unmanned) Exploration missions have no tangible benefit" #1 -- certain theorists on earth are SUGGESTING... that an increase in this thing called "greenhouse gasses" could cause elevated temperatures on earth, from when heat coming up from the planet is reflected back down. This sounds kind of like that planet, what's it's name? ...umm... VENUS???? A world where the surface temperature (due to a runaway greenhouse effect) can melt lead.

    a) "(Unmanned) Exploration missions have no tangible benefit" #2 -- certain theorists on earth are SUGGESTING... that holes in the the ozone layer will let through more ultraviolet light than is safe, barbecuing life on earth ... yadda, yadda, yadda ... ok, you get the idea. The planet I'm referring to is MARS. The closest thing this system's got to an earth-like world other than Earth itself ... a world where we're getting more and more indications that there used to be life ... indications that there used to be liquid H2O on the surface - and there still may be some trapped in the rocks and ices ... All of it being quite well barbecued due to the lack of an ozone layer.

    Two worlds, currently unable to sustain life (we think). Two problems that Earth is facing right now. Two test cases where we can see the problems Earth is facing, actually happening.

    Any questions?

    If not, I do have one question. How many Buddhists are working at NASA? How many Shinto? Hindu? Taoist? Islamics?

    How about 'how many people on this planet don't march in step with your beliefs?

    Didn't think you'd know. Scary, ain't it ... living in a country (assuming you're an American) where not only are you surrounded by heathens and heretics, but the national laws permit them to stay.

  • Let's assume that the bible predicts all these things (which I doubt it does, last I read it) :

    (a) Expanding Universe : Did the Bible predicts the exact value of the Hubble Constant? I mean, there are some details that scientists are very keen to know...

    (b) String Theory : Provided that String THeory is correct (no proof), current popular ideas thinks that we live in a 11-dimensions universe, not 10. (btw, can you tell me where in the Bible that says this? I'd like to show some of my string theorists friends here just to rub them off.)

    (c) Books : Isn't checking out books "taking the opinion of others?" Especially when you believe everything a book says?

    I have no problems with people believing in some being creating the Universe. I just have problems with these people thumping their beliefs into my head as though as I can't find that out for myself.

  • I for one hope they are not using Proto-matter. The planet that may form from use of the Genesis device will destroy itself in a matter of days. The last thing we need is universal armegeddon. ;^)
  • Why is everyone here so closed minded towards Christianity?

    What the original poster basically said was: "6,000 years ago, the Hebrew wind demon Yahweh poofed the universe into existence in essentially its current state. That's the way it went. Since we know the truth, we should not be studying this."
  • The link in the /. story has been corrected; if you're wondering (like I was) what all the link-correction focus was, the original link was to genesismission.COM [], not .ORG.
  • According the the site...

    GENESIS LAUNCH RESCHEDULED The Genesis launch is rescheduled for approximately 12:30 p.m. EDT on July 31, 2001. Liftoff will occur aboard a Boeing Delta II rocket from Pad A at Launch Complex 17 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The launch will be broadcast live over the Internet on NASA TV [] via several Web sites, including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory [] Webcast, Kennedy Space Center, and NASA. You can access links to these sites, and learn more about launch programming here [].
  • lol... your both whatching too much Star Trek
  • I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where, uh, Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Collins and Rutherford. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress. In terms of lyrical craftsmanship, the sheer songwriting, this album hits a new peak of professionalism. Sabrina, why don't you, uh, dance a little. Take the lyrics to Land of Confusion. In this song, Phil Collins addresses the problems of abusive political authority. In Too Deep is the most moving pop song of the 1980s, about monogamy and commitment. The song is extremely uplifting. Their lyrics are as positive and affirmative as, uh, anything I've heard in rock. Christy, get down on your knees so Sabrina can see your ass. Phil Collins' solo career seems to be more commercial and therefore more satisfying, in a narrower way. Especially songs like In the Air Tonight and, uh, Against All Odds. Sabrina, don't just stare at it, eat it. But I also think Phil Collins works best within the confines of the group, than as a solo artist, and I stress the word artist. This is Sussudio, a great, great song, a personal favorite.


  • the launch has been rescheduled to July 31, 12:30 p.m. EDT
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Look, you people are entitled to believe whatever you want. Personally, I think that claiming the Bible predicts string theory is about as silly as claiming the writings of Nostradamus predicted that Teddy Kennedy would drop a bimbo and a Buick in some river. It's a free country, so help yourself to an oversized slice of whatever superstition you subscribe to. All that we ask is that you

    • stay out of the way of people who are dedicated to doing scientific research
    • do not threaten, harm, or kill innocent scientists who are merely trying to satisfy their inborn curiosity as humans (which would be a god-given trait if such an entity existed)
    • stop attacking and maligning people for which "goddidit" is not an acceptable answer to many of Mankind's scientific questions
    What I don't get about many of the fundamentalist types is this: If they're so secure in their faith, why do they object so vehemently when scientists "have the gall" to ask questions and investigate things like this? Could it be that they're not as secure as they let on? Personally, I can say that the majority of Christians that I know are excited about things like this. They have no problems with scientists in a free country exercising their liberty to answer some of our oldest questions (liberty that a lot of good and brave men died for, BTW.)
  • In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

    I know, this is as unpopular on /. as saying BillG runs a super-duper company that's really good to people.

    But did you know that the Bible, written millenia ago, says "God stretches out the heavens"? Yes, now we know that the universe is continually expanding, but that sure wasn't a human concept when Isaiah wrote that thousands of years ago.

    There are tons of other points in the Bible that show more than human origin in writing it. Like the fact that the universe just leapt into existence when God spoke a word. The Big Bang was not a theory developed in the first century, but while we now know about the big bang, humankind then didn't.

    Or did you know that the Bible predicts 10 dimensions, with 6 collapsed (heard of String theory) shortly after the Bang?

    Perhaps if some of you took the time to check out books like this [] you might learn what the Bible really has to say, rather than taking the opinions of others.

  • Have you seen the orbit [] that this thing is going into? Now that's some freaky shit! It's been known probably since Newton that this kind of orbit is possible, at least in theory, but have we ever actually tried to attain such an orbit before?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Hey dude, you're off base here on all counts. First, Adam is charged with the sin of Eve eating the apple, not Eve. Adam's seed is tainted, not hers. Presumably he failed to warn her or something. Second, the Bible says the world is not flat, it's the Koran that says it's flat (and that doubting it is heresy). Third, there is no "sky is solid" in the bible. Fourth, mustard seeds are talked about as producing a tree-like bush large enough for birds to roost in. Since mustard plants get to be 10-15 feet high, I don't see your problem with that statement (tree is a rough translation of the greek).

    If you believe there are contradictions, it's probably because you haven't had the full background of the culture the books were written in - once you do, you see that there are NO contradictions.

  • It seems that a great many actions have been taken in God's name by Christians throuhgout the last few K years that are quite contrary to values us smart people take for granted

    What everyone seems to forget is that the 'church' as a whole has changed dramatically since those days. Still, there is a line to be drawn between the Corporate Church, and the church body in general. The Church of the past was extremely self-righteous, self-centered and bigoted. There is plenty of reference in the Bible that many practices of the Church were ungodly and outright wrong. But it does seem as though the tide has turned today.

    Mass Christianity (not Catholicism) ie Baptist, Pentecostal, Brethren in Christ, Mennonite Brethren, Missionary, etc are far from being loud and obnoxious. Most Christian denominations are quite humble and quiet, simply trying to spread the gospel, without shoving it down people's throat. I too disagree and hate when people curse and damn all who don't believe - beware the wrath of God! I mean, sure the message may be right, but the means is completely wrong.

    So please, try to see the big picture about Christianty, and not group the entire general belief system together with the worst of its believers. The name of true Christianty has been tarnished by the wrongdoings of people in the past. It is a sensitive subject, yes. But as it says, Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. Am I fighting it? No, it's pointless. But we can do our best to try to open people's eyes to the blatent closed-minded insulting practices of those who simply don't believe in God (well, Jesus). Christians and non-Christians alike both have good people and bad people on their side. There are many nonchristians who are better people than (so called) Christians, and vice versa. This isn't a matter of 'who's better' or whatnot. It's simply a matter of please don't close your eyes to how people are treated, automatically, without full knowledge of where the person stands.
  • Perhaps I could send in my old Amiga?
  • Every tech company I've worked with has had a project called Genesis that's been running for years, hasn't produce anything, but hasn't been cut.

    MY company's Project Genesis completed successfully.

    That's because we all knew that if it didn't succeed, it would be followed by Project Exodus.

  • Someone didn't verify the link.....
  • NASA has so many missions now that I can't keep up with them all. I suppose that's a good thing. When are we going back to the moon?

  • Wow. A new low. This one doesnt even have any kind of website on the other side of it...
  • by efuseekay ( 138418 ) on Sunday July 29, 2001 @11:32AM (#2184596)
    but I didn't realize NASA is so strapped for cash that they are selling domains to make ends meet.....
  • by dair ( 210 ) on Sunday July 29, 2001 @11:34AM (#2184597)
    The real link is [].

  • What's up with the link in this article?

  • The same people who are criticizing users because of their stupidity when dealing with mail worms can be so easily tricked into promoting domain sales...
  • I guess this is a new sales technique for promoting domain names for sale...
  • A mission to sell domain names..? =)
  • Maybe this will shed some validity onto nasa. i guess if they dont encode their tapes with ancient programming languages we might be able to read the data in 20 years. Also, i would love to cluster some old space ship parts.
  • Either they don't have the funding so they are selling off their domain, or they just packed up the day before the launch (obviously the site was up when the link was posted on /. since I know an trust the editors on this type of thing). In either event I don't think there is going to be anyone to check out any data collected...
  • "And if the NASA people really want to know what happened eons ago, they ought to consult a certain book's chapter bearing the same name as this mission. The answers are already there."

    Trooling for Jesus, are we?
  • In case you couldn't figure it out, the real site is here [].
  • The correct link [] as some have no doubt figured is [] not .com. :-)

    Geekizoid: The Small Shiny Things Network ©! []
  • I'd imagine they'd use something similar to the Fulton "Skyhook" [] nose recovery system. Film from the first US spy satellites, the Corona [] series, returned to Earth in capsules that were retrieved by C-130s as they parachuted down.

    Specially designated JC-130s [] were used to test the concept in the 1960s. The system was also used to pick people up from the ground in-flight. The Air Force retired [] the system on its MC-130 Combat Talons in 1996.

    There are some pretty good photos of Fulton equipped C-130s on this page [].
  • Actually, According to NASA, we don't have either the rockets or the plans to build the rockets. They were 'destroyed' somehow.

    Of course, I just heard this in some FOX conspiracy theroy. Probably not true.

  • It's hard to send people to the Moon. They need food, air, sheilding, backup systems, etc. We stopped building rockets of the necessary size 30 years ago, but if we had to, we could probably bring them back in around 5 years (it would take that long to create the infrastructure to build them, not to actually construct one).

    On the other hand, we've been to the Moon recently with probes. Remember Clementine (a DoD mission) and Lunar Prospector (carrying a bit of Gene Shoemaker)?

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!