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Abbott Addresses Life-Threatening Flaw In a Half-Million Pacemakers ( 20

lod123 shares a report from Threatpost: Nearly a half-million pacemakers are up for a firmware update to address potentially life-threatening vulnerabilities. Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) has released another upgrade to the firmware installed on certain implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) devices -- a.k.a., pacemakers. About 465,000 patients are affected. The update will strengthen the devices' protection against unauthorized access, as the provider said in a statement on its website: "It is intended to prevent anyone other than your doctor from changing your device settings." The update comes after 2016 claims by researchers that the then-St. Jude's cardiac implant ecosystem was rife with cybersecurity flaws that could result in "catastrophic results."
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Abbott Addresses Life-Threatening Flaw In a Half-Million Pacemakers

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  • Let's $2000 for the doctor to install it + software fees + office fees.

    • by LagFlag ( 691908 )
      Put your money where your mouth is... how many RVUs will the physician earn doing this procedure? My guess is 2-3 at most, if he/she is there in person. At $70 per RVU, we're looking at about $200. This includes overhead of maintaining an office, nursing staff, clerical staff, etc, if he/she is one of the increasingly rare independent practice physicians

      Most physicians I know spend a lot of time doing activities for which they earn nothing... especially email and phone calls,
      • I am a cardiologist.

        This is more of a pain than it's worth. Calling patients to tell them they have to come in early, answering questions over phone or email regarding it, wasted time in the over-filled pacer clinics to squeeze these patients in.

        I didn't look into the wRVU amount, but I'd be shocked if it was as high as 2 wRVUs for this.

        (I'm an employed doc. I make enough wRVUs that I max out my bonus. I care more about patient health and satisfaction than a couple bucks.)

  • by ruddk ( 5153113 )

    Not worried, it has been working flawl fT%ggg

  • An earlier /. post noted that apparently lightning strikes can cause brain implants to stop working and I asked there if they also affected heart pacemakers to stop working. What about these devices?
  • Is Slashdot really going to continue to reward blatent spammers like lod123 and threatpost. Another account they used previously was msm1267 []

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