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Asteroid Impact Mission Sets Sights On New Laser Communications Record ( 10

Zothecula writes: Laser-based communications has the ability to beam enormous amounts of data at high speed, but the use of this technology in space is still in its infancy. To help push things along, ESA's proposed Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) will carry out a record-setting demonstration of space laser communications across a distance of 75 million kilometers (46 million mi) while orbiting a binary asteroid.
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Asteroid Impact Mission Sets Sights On New Laser Communications Record

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  • SETI (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 15, 2015 @05:17PM (#50739027)

    This technology is in its infancy, but imagine it in widespread use, and later in exclusive use, and then you'll understand why SETI doesn't detect anything.

    • Over interplanetary distances, isn't there an issue with adjusting the orientation of the laser to track the movements of the receiver? Measurement error being what it is, N-body problems complicating things, and with a lag determined by C, would it become necessary to setup a relay network, where each component is responsible for readjusting itself in a timely fashion? Each node would need a power source, emit waste heat, occasionally thrust to reposition itself... Beyond that, laser beams in a vacuum stil

  • by spatley ( 191233 ) <> on Thursday October 15, 2015 @05:52PM (#50739263) Homepage

    But the sharks will die in a vacuum won't they?

    • Oh, no. They'll put the sharks into their space mobility encounter suits.

      Earth will be kept safe by circling space-laser sharks. That is, until they decide to take over. Or just move into the oceans of Europa -- because now they'll be able to drill through the ice.

      I for one welcome our new space-faring, laser-equipped shark overlords.

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