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Space Japan Power

How Japan Plans To Build Orbital Solar Power Stations 230

the_newsbeagle (2532562) writes "Solar power stations in orbit aren't exactly a new idea — Asimov set one of his stories on such a space station back in 1941. Everyone thinks it's a cool idea to collect solar power 24 hours a day and beam it down to Earth. But what with the expense and difficulty of rocketing up the parts and constructing and operating the stations in orbit, nobody's built one yet. While you probably still shouldn't hold your breath, it's interesting to learn that Japan's space agency has spec'd out such a solar power station."
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How Japan Plans To Build Orbital Solar Power Stations

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  • by Joe_Dragon ( 2206452 ) on Friday April 25, 2014 @01:18PM (#46842435)

    Just trun on no disasters and it will be fine.

  • by Hamsterdan ( 815291 ) on Friday April 25, 2014 @01:22PM (#46842481)

    Just imagine if they aim that thing at corn fields? I can see the headlines, major city destroyed by popcorn tsunami...

  • by karlandtanya ( 601084 ) on Friday April 25, 2014 @01:25PM (#46842539)

    Words: Bill Higgins and Barry Gehm c. 1978
    Music: "Home on the Range"

    Oh, give me a locus where the gravitons focus
    And the three-body problem is solved,
    Where the microwaves play down at three degrees K
    And the cold virus never evolved.

    CHORUS: Home, home on LaGrange,
    Where the space debris always collects.
    We possess, so it seems, two of man's greatest dreams:
    Solar power and zero-gee sex.

    We eat algae pie, our vacuum is high,
    Our ball bearings are perfectly round.
    Our horizon is curved, our warheads are MIRVed,
    And a kilogram weighs half a pound. CHORUS

    You don't need no oil, nor a tokamak coil,
    Solar stations provide Earth with juice.
    Power beams are sublime, so nobody will mind
    If we cook an occasional goose.

    INTERLUDE (to Oh, What A Beautiful Morning)
    All the cattle are standing like statues.
    All the cattle are standing like statues.
    They smell of roast beef every time I ride by,
    And the hawks and the falcons are dropping like flies...

    I've been feeling quite blue since the crystals I grew
    Became too big to fit through the door.
    But from slices I sold, Hewlett-Packard, I'm told,
    Made a chip that was seven foot four. CHORUS

    If we run out of space for our burgeoning race
    No more Lebensraum left for the Mensch,
    When we're ready to start, we can take Mars apart
    If we just find a big enough wrench. CHORUS

    I'm sick of this place, it's just McDonald's in space
    And living up here is a bore.
    Tell the shiggies "Don't cry," they can kiss me goodby,
    'Cause I'm moving next week to L4!

  • by Bengie ( 1121981 ) on Friday April 25, 2014 @02:18PM (#46843039)
    I would not want to be a bird or in an airplane if I passed under this satellite. They'll have to make sure they have some really good fail-safes in place in case it pivots any. I've played SimCity 2000, I've seen what a microwave power plant can do.

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