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Lasers May Solve the Black Hole Information Paradox 75

astroengine writes: "In an effort to help solve the black hole information paradox that has immersed theoretical physics in an ocean of soul searching for the past two years, two researchers have thrown their hats into the ring with a novel solution: Lasers. Technically, we're not talking about the little flashy devices you use to keep your cat entertained, we're talking about the underlying physics that produces laser light and applying it to information that falls into a black hole. According to the researchers, who published a paper earlier this month to the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity (abstract), the secret to sidestepping the black hole information paradox (and, by extension, the 'firewall' hypothesis that was recently argued against by Stephen Hawking) lies in stimulated emission of radiation (the underlying physics that generates laser light) at the event horizon that is distinct from Hawking radiation, but preserves information as matter falls into a black hole."
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Lasers May Solve the Black Hole Information Paradox

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    by PPH ( 736903 ) on Tuesday March 25, 2014 @08:10PM (#46579559)

    I don't think they are proposing shooting a laser at a black hole (that might make it mad). The researchers are proposing a mechanism similar to what happens in a laser as a possible method for preserving information as it is simultaneously swallowed by the black hole. The problem remaining to be solved is one of figuring out if some of the radiation leaving the event horizon is produced by this process as opposed to a random process. In one case, information is preserved. In the other, not (no information was present to begin with).

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