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LABONFOIL: A Portable Bond-Style Lab 30

Zothecula writes "A European project coordinated by Ikerlan and CIC microGUNE is developing a James Bond-style automated laboratory called 'LABoratory skin patches and smart cards based ON FOILs and compatible with a smartphone' (LABONFOIL). Using lab-on-a-chip technology and smart patches to detect a wide variety of substances and diagnose diseases, the goal of the project is to create a cheap, portable laboratory that can interact with smart devices."
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LABONFOIL: A Portable Bond-Style Lab

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  • Wow (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward

    'LABoratory skin patches and smart cards based ON FOILs and compatible with a smartphone' (LABONFOIL)

    That is not how acronyms work.

    • Yeah, sometimes you look at a hilariously obvious acronym and think, "wow, that's kinda cool." I look at LABONFOIL and think, "you didn't even try."

  • As far as i know this is not the way aCRONYms work, Mate.

    • No-one said it was an acronym.

      • automated laboratory called 'LABoratory skin patches and smart cards based ON FOILs and compatible with a smartphone' (LABONFOIL).

        That's how acronyms are usually described, "Complete Name (acronym)" and the letters LAB ON FOIL are capitalized.

        This is as stupid as me writing "10 + 30 = 500" and then telling you that's not bad math, I just happened to write something that uses mathematical signs.

  • The only area I can image this technology to be succesful in is surveillance. I really hate all the electronic snooping, sniffing and profiling. Can we please have a revolution?

  • So it will manufacture pen guns and 10 in 1 Rolex's?
    Oh... it will only "detect a wide variety of substances and diagnose diseases"
    Because we all know that Bond did forensics and cured the sick.
    FYI: Bond was not a CSI type or a detective -- he was an assassin.

  • by SpectreBlofeld ( 886224 ) on Monday March 10, 2014 @11:55AM (#46445963)

    Someone's obviously never seen a James Bond film in their life.

    • Someone's obviously not got around to watching Casino Royale.

      (admittedly, one medical gadget from one film isn't much to base such a comparison on - McCoy's tricorder would have been a better one)

  • ...I think of counters ticking down to self-destruct, consoles erupting in pyrotechnics, and impossibly hot women trying desperately to escape. Pretty sure I don't want all of those in a portable form-factor.

  • I really, actually wanted a tricorder though.
  • For some reason, they really seem to be pretending that their title is some kind of acronym, but why? Do all the cool projects have acronyms? Maybe they just like writing it in all caps?
  • The story completely fails to elaborate on the contents of the box. If it's just an instant test for drugs, then there's little new. The idea that you could just replace a general analytical laboratory with a single gizmo is the product of a mind untrained in chemistry. A gas, liquid or ion chromatograph has a column, which must be of at least a certain length to produce good resolution, and ramping up the pressure would hardly be an option, since that would require heavier pressure-proof lines and pumps. H

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