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Impact Crater Origin of Mars Meteorites Discovered 11

astroengine writes "Out of the thousands of craters scarring the face of Mars, one has emerged as the likely source of most of the Martian meteorites that have been recovered on Earth, a new study shows. Researchers pinpoint Mojave Crater, a 34 mile (55 kilometer) wide basin on the planet's equator, as the origin of the so-called 'shergottites' meteorites, a family that includes about 75 percent of the roughly 150 known Martian meteorites. The crater is located slightly north and east of Meridian Planum, where NASA's Mars rover Opportunity landed in January 2004."
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Impact Crater Origin of Mars Meteorites Discovered

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  • by MRe_nl ( 306212 ) on Friday March 07, 2014 @10:02AM (#46427415)

    "Based on the amount of cosmic ray exposure the meteorites experience in space, scientists estimate the rocks spent 5 million years in interplanetary space before reaching Earth".

    "Mojave Crater is relatively young, formed from an impact that took place less than 5 million years".

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