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NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Water In Martian Meteorite 41

An anonymous reader writes "Scientists at NASA and JPL have found evidence of past water movement throughout a Martian meteorite, reviving debate over life on Mars. 'In this new study, Gibson and his colleagues focused on structures deep within a 30-pound (13.7-kilogram) Martian meteorite known as Yamato 000593 (Y000593). The team reports that newly discovered different structures and compositional features within the larger Yamato meteorite suggest biological processes might have been at work on Mars hundreds of millions of years ago. ... Analyses found that the rock was formed about 1.3 billion years ago from a lava flow on Mars. Around 12 million years ago, an impact occurred on Mars which ejected the meteorite from the surface of Mars. The meteorite traveled through space until it fell in Antarctica about 50,000 years ago.'"
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NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Water In Martian Meteorite

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  • Re:Obsession (Score:2, Insightful)

    by hebertrich ( 472331 ) on Saturday March 01, 2014 @12:08PM (#46375857)

    Frankly ,there's nothing on Mars alive today . Even if there has been 100 millions years ago , we're still alone. It don't change a thing in our lives.
    Scientific interrest is the only interest. As a human being we got troubles here that need a lot more attention and focusing to solve.
    Check Ukraine being invaded by the Soviets. Check wars all around. Do we really want extraterrestrials to see us under that kind of light ?
    Warmongering , selfish, murderous ? I'd rather we take the cash from all those studies and solve the real problems we all face.
    First on the list is our own extinction.

  • by Thantik ( 1207112 ) on Saturday March 01, 2014 @01:42PM (#46376435)
    The title isn't misleading at all, you're simply lacking reading comprehension. My 6 year old has better reading comprehension than you do. Evidence by its very nature is generally something that is produced or an after effect of some other process. A scratch on a car door is evidence that something harder than the surface scraped against it. You don't need the key that did it to say that the scratch is evidence of it....

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