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Britain's Eastern Coast Yields Oldest Human Footprints Outside Africa 120

schwit1 writes "They were a British family on a day out — almost a million years ago. Archaeologists announced Friday that they have discovered human footprints in England that are between 800,000 and 1 million years old — the most ancient found outside Africa, and the earliest evidence of human life in northern Europe. A team from the British Museum, London's Natural History Museum and Queen Mary college at the University of London uncovered imprints from up to five individuals in ancient estuary mud at Happisburgh on the country's eastern coast."
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Britain's Eastern Coast Yields Oldest Human Footprints Outside Africa

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 09, 2014 @12:57PM (#46203175)

    Fine, apart from the fact that

    a. 'England' didn't exist for another million years and a bit.
    b. The skin colour of those who left the footprints wouldn't endear them to the sort of fucking English yahoos who sing that particular ditty..

    oh, FWLIW

    Pedicabo Beta!

  • by Barsteward ( 969998 ) on Sunday February 09, 2014 @05:26PM (#46205183)
    "Again, you're totally cherry picking here."

    thats the typical way the religious interpret the bible so whats wrong with that, the religious only cherry pick the good secular bits and hide the bad religious stuff so don't point that accusation at people criticizing the bible
  • by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Sunday February 09, 2014 @06:29PM (#46205589) Homepage

    What you aren't saying, is that at the time...
    At the time, they simply didn't understand... ...they were just doing their best at the time...
    So, clearly it was a law intended for another time...
    A the time, this was incredibly progressive...

    Thanks for re-making my actual point for me, which is not that the bible was written by idiots, but that it's still used, by many idiots, as a justification for their own prejudices and wilful ignorance of fact - which appeared to be the OP's position (with the caveat that the best satire is indistinguishable from that which it satirises).

    But great job completely misrepresenting Leviticus as anti-female

    I wasn't trying to represent it as anti-female. I'm trying to represent it as being millennia out of date.

    Religious or not, the Bible in an incredible historical document

    Agreed, both as you meant it and other meanings of the word "incredible." Though perhaps only "historical" in the sense of "written thousands of years ago," not "everything within actually happened

    that should be treated with respect and educated thoughtfulness

    Perhaps in some contexts. But not as a guide for living your life in the 21st century, which, again, is the position the OP took which I took issue with.

"Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning." -- Marlo Thomas