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New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists 193

KentuckyFC writes "Black holes form when a large star runs out of fuel and collapses under its own weight. Since there is no known force that can stop this collapse, astrophysicists have always assumed that it forms a singularity, a region of space that is infinitely dense. Now cosmologists think quantum gravity might prevent this complete collapse after all. They say that the same force that stops an electron spiraling into a nucleus might also cause the collapsing star to 'bounce' at scales of around 10^-14cm. They're calling this new state a 'Planck star' and say its lifetime would match that of the black hole itself as it evaporates. That raises the possibility that the shrinking event horizon would eventually meet the expanding Planck star, which emerges with a sudden blast of gamma rays. That radiation would allow any information trapped in the black hole to escape, solving the infamous information paradox. If they're right, these gamma rays may already have been detected by space-based telescopes meaning that the evidence is already there for any enterprising astronomer to tease apart."
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New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:05PM (#46176657)

    So decaying black holes might be another source of gamma ray bursts? Interesting hypothesis. I suppose this would permit a big old star to bounce between being a black hole and a neutron star, depending on the rate of incoming material.

    So, do I have to point out the obvious that the /. beta is horribly user-hostile to keep this from getting modded -1 insightful?

  • by avandesande ( 143899 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:09PM (#46176697) Journal

    .... in Slashdot Beta

  • Re:Beta Sucks! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:15PM (#46176791)

    Have they been talking to the Windows 8 guys????
    Can everyone fuck up every UI???

  • by TigerPlish ( 174064 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:18PM (#46176825)

    What TFS really means is that out of the suck generated by Beta, a new site will emerge, free from corporate cocksuckery.

    Beta: Only slightly better than Facetwat.

  • by cheese_boy ( 118027 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:22PM (#46176887)

    Slashdot's Beta has proved that it is possible for information to be sucked in and never get out.

    WTF is up with article titles that only the first 3 words are visible because of the huge font used?

    Slashdot beta - the artificial blackhole created by Dice that Slashdot will be sucked into

  • by i kan reed ( 749298 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:50PM (#46177193) Homepage Journal

    Yes, you do. Beta is terrible and ignoring it clearly isn't making it go away.,

  • by Guy From V ( 1453391 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @03:50PM (#46177199) Homepage

    And say I think that most of the community thinks Slashdot Beta sucks.

  • Re:Beta Sucks! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by toshikodo ( 2976757 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:16PM (#46177527)
    I'm posting this from Opera 12. I think that tells you what I think of /. Beta.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:21PM (#46177583)

    Normal, classic, Slashdot *works*. It requires no makeover.

    Please make Beta stop.

  • by egcagrac0 ( 1410377 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:21PM (#46177593)

    If there is a force that can prevent the total collapse of a star into a singularity, there is hope that we can harness such power to escape from beta...

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 06, 2014 @04:38PM (#46177887)

    The never-ending story.

    Popular website gets known for its high, loyal, repeat traffic count, perhaps needs funding to maintain services due to increasing demand. Investors start to take notice - MBA marketing types equate loyal, repeat traffic with high Nielsen ratings of old media, convince big holding company to invest $$$ based on business plan for "leveraging" loyal, repeat traffic to site to sell other goods/services (MBA-speak: "monetization"). Doesn't work out, popular website not meeting projected profit goals. Loyal, repeat traffic not interested in any goods/services, not interested in being "leveraged", only interested in doing what they were doing (usually having something to do with "fun") before big holding company stepped in. MBA marketing types make last ditch effort to save face by reworking popular website, particularly toward goal of increasing "leverage" toward selling other goods/services (i.e., "monetization"). Loyal, repeat traffic revolts due to lack of "fun" and contempt for other goods/services (i.e., "monetization" at the expense of "fun"). MBA marketing types hold their ground to save face, changes are made permanent. Loyal, repeat traffic drops off. Popular website shows greater and greater losses to the big holding company. MBA marketing types sense the ax falling, jump ship. New MBA's advise big holding company to cut losses (i.e., "restructure"), shut down formerly popular website, but maintain all ownership to IP rights related to formerly popular website (you know, just in case it might be worth something some day). Loyal, repeat traffic cast adrift. Formerly popular website reduced to nostalgic memory of when web was fun. World less fun.

    and repeat for each and every cool thing that ever became popular simply due to being fun, capsized by the weight of disinterested investors with uninformed, unrealistic profit expectations.

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