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Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7 143

braindrainbahrain writes "Mars One, the low-credibility effort to colonize Mars, is at least funding some interesting concept studies for their alleged plan to colonize the red planet. One of the most interesting is the effort to maintain uninterrupted communications with Mars. This is not as trivial as it may sound, as any satellite in Martian orbit will still have to deal with occultations between Mars and Earth due to the Sun. Surrey Satellite Technology will be performing the study."
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Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7

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  • Trivial (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Frosty Piss ( 770223 ) * on Friday January 10, 2014 @11:41PM (#45924129)

    This is not as trivial as it may sound...

    Really? from...

    the low-credibility effort to colonize Mars...

    Yes frome these people, it *is* "trivial".

    Seriously, let's not waste money and time with these people when there are serious scientists that are not getting the support they need for serious research.

  • Re: classy (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 10, 2014 @11:50PM (#45924179)

    No. Just realistic and sober.

    Space mission faster and more ambitious than NASA financed by reality TV and application fees?????
    Crew selected by casting?????

    Seriously? It's a scam. Nothing else.

    Not one of these hopeful wannabe astronaut will even step aboard something remotely similar to a rocket.

  • by symbolset ( 646467 ) * on Saturday January 11, 2014 @04:30AM (#45925135) Journal
    Yeah. Instead we should build a new factory in China where children can assemble happy meal toys for other children half the world away to play with for five minutes and throw away. That at least has a legitimate business purpose of getting children addicted to greasy food and low fructose corn syrup. Mars! Some people!

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