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DNA Confirms Parking Lot Remains Belong To King Richard III 212

An anonymous reader writes "It turns out that the remains found in a parking lot in Leicester, England belong to none other than King Richard III, one of the most reviled monarchs of English history. Scientists announced on Monday that they were able to confirm the identity of the skeleton through DNA testing."
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DNA Confirms Parking Lot Remains Belong To King Richard III

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  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 04, 2013 @12:07PM (#42785895)

    The withered right arm was contrived by Shakespeare. Many historians never believed it to be the case.

  • by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Monday February 04, 2013 @12:57PM (#42786393) Journal

    The killing of the princes was a dark deed, and while some suggest that perhaps Henry VII might have had a hand in it, it does seem largely to point to Richard. But all in all, Richard was, by the standards of the 15th century, a pretty enlightened man, and most certainly in the North his name was far more honored than it was in the rest of England.

    Richard probably did some pretty awful things, but a survey of Medieval kings will show anyone interested in history that Richard was no worse than many and a good deal better than some.

  • Re:Why? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by samkass ( 174571 ) on Monday February 04, 2013 @04:07PM (#42788495) Homepage Journal

    Ah I see. I clicked on the article and video started playing so I closed it. I hate that. The MSM infotainment providers I saw the story on this morning either didn't go into the "why" or they went all crazy about value judgments about monarchies as a political system blah blah blah.

    Your use of "MSM" and inability to relay facts in the article you're actually discussing -- facts that are also included in every other news account I've read -- leads me to believe you probably get your news from one particular (in fact, the MOST "mainstream" and popular of them) cable news service, and should probably just stick to that instead of coming here to post...

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