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Video CES: Can a Gyroscope Ball Really Cure Wrist Pain? (Video) 144

Timothy ran into these NSD people at CES. If we were giving out a "best huckster" award, NSD booth dude Doug Lo would surely be a finalist for it. He's one heck of a talker. The exercise balls he's pushing? A number of companies have been making and selling similar products for many years. They seem to have some medical benefit as physical therapy aids for people with wrist or carpal tunnel problems, and may also be useful exercise devices for people who want to strengthen their hands and fingers. Have you used a gyroscope exercise ball? If so, did it help cure a wrist problem or help strengthen your hands and fingers? And which of these brands (if any) did you try?


Timothy Lord: You know that CES is a good place to come to find out about things like new computers, new monitors, home theater equipment, but what you might not have known is it is also a great place to find out about all the latest advances in hand-held gyroscope balls. I can’t vouch for any of the medical claims made by this next company, but I can tell you holding one in your hand is a really weird sensation.

Doug Lo:
Hi. My name is Doug Lo. I am here at the Consumer Electronics Show. What we are introducing today is called the NSD Spinner. Basically, what it does is help you get rid of your carpal tunnel, and also tennis elbow. If you give it a minute, it will give you a very strong arm. What it does basically is, like I told you earlier, it is for the carpal tunnel, the tennis elbow. And if you give it a minute, it helps circulate your blood and also it helps your wrist. It has been around in Asia for the last 10 years. We have shipped over 10 million pieces worldwide. You can buy it at Amazon.com, Sears.com and KMart.com.

Timothy Lord: Doug, could you tell us how does this work? Could you show us from the start how do you start it?

Doug Lo: You just start it, and there is no battery. It has got a gyroscope in it. And it is not by battery. You just start it, and just keeping going. And we have a lifetime warranty on parts.

Timothy Lord: How do you get it started though? How do you get the internal part going?

Doug Lo: You start it by – you wind it up, and then you just let it go, just keep going, here you go.

Timothy Lord: So do you now have incredible wrists and tendons?

Doug Lo: It actually works. It has been – we have people that just keep coming and just telling all the family members, it is a great product, and we have a great review on it and it is great for the wrist. It is all about good health and a good you.

Timothy Lord: Could you show me one more thing, the color changing, how does that work?

Doug Lo: Basically we have different models. We have some with different lighting, we have some with – we do it with stainless steel. We start retail from $25 all the way up to $100 retail.

Timothy Lord: But the LED lights in this, they change color, what is that based on?

Doug Lo: It’s just on different styles it has different lighting. Okay?

Timothy Lord: Okay.

Doug Lo: We make it fun.

Timothy Lord: Good. All right. Thanks, Doug. Thanks, appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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CES: Can a Gyroscope Ball Really Cure Wrist Pain? (Video)

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  • Always go with NSD.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 15, 2013 @05:03PM (#42596355)

    .. for one reason - if your PowerBall breaks or you treat it like crap and it starts knocking when you use it, you can send it back to the factory for a free replacement. No questions, just send your old ball and you get a new one. That's pretty good to me.


  • Re:Nope, didn't help (Score:4, Interesting)

    by SpzToid ( 869795 ) on Tuesday January 15, 2013 @05:11PM (#42596451)

    I had carpal bad for awhile and tried all kinds of stuff. What finally worked was my noticing part of the chiropractor's treatment, which I was able to replicate myself whenever I felt the need. I told him what I was doing and he gave my 'treatment' his endorsement.

    The chiropractor had me stand straight up, with my arms down at my side. Then he'd pull down hard on my thumb until it 'popped', (as best as I can describe it). So I tried this myself by gripping my right thumb with my left hand and pulling horizontally across my chest to do the same thing.

    It seems that computer mouse-work builds up a kind of stress and this releases it, and whenever I feel the need I do this, and I've been good ever since. YMMV.

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