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How Hair Can be Used To Track Where You've Been 133

First time accepted submitter kandelar writes "PBS recently ran a story about how some scientists are using human hair to trace where a person has been. The combinations of different isotopes in water make for somewhat unique signatures from place to place. These isotopes get placed in growing hair strands which can then be traced back to identify where a person has been."
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How Hair Can be Used To Track Where You've Been

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  • Re:Wooo hooo (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 18, 2012 @04:03AM (#41690339)

    Except that pretty much anything that applies to testing of hear applies to all hair and nails. Pubic hair works just as well as hair from your head or arm, its just generally shorter. Ask anyone who has had a REAL drug test (not the easily fakable piss in a cup type) If you don't have any hair on your body, they can just clip your nails and get a longer history.


  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 18, 2012 @05:01AM (#41690533)

    You know what Evian spells backwards? ;)

    From snopes: "The company that brought Evian water to market began as a small glassworks operation and grew to become the world's biggest maker of dairy products and bottled water, taking its name from the town the spring was situated in, Evian-les-Bains. So, while "evian" is certainly "naive" spelled backwards, the choice of appellation was not dictated by a desire to take a meanspirited swipe at foolheaded consumers."

    Link: http://www.snopes.com/business/names/evian.asp [snopes.com]

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