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Shuttle Endeavour Embarking to Los Angeles Museum 56

Endeavour will be the second of NASA's space shuttles to leave the Kennedy Space Center. The ship will piggyback on top of a specially modified 747 and head to a Los Angeles museum this week. From the article: "Endeavour's lifespan was relatively short by shuttle standards - 25 missions over 20 years, totaling 299 days in space. But those flights ran the gamut of orbital odysseys, including the sheer moxie of its May 1992 debut when three astronauts made an impromptu and unprecedented spacewalk to rescue a stranded Intelsat communications satellite."
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Shuttle Endeavour Embarking to Los Angeles Museum

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  • by Oceanplexian ( 807998 ) on Sunday September 16, 2012 @09:15PM (#41357851) Homepage
    <quote> The shuttle will be long forgotten before replacement trees can be grown.</quote>

    NASA is taking the most environmentally conscious route possible, so much so that they re-routed the transport of the shuttle to preserve the most trees. That said, somehow local flora (which they are replanting) is more historically significant than a vehicle that inspires us to transcend our own planetary existence?
  • by evilviper ( 135110 ) on Sunday September 16, 2012 @10:17PM (#41358211) Journal

    It's unfortunate that the trees need to be removed, but twice as many will be planted to replace them.

    And we're not talking about old-growth forrests here... every other year I hear about LA losing more trees than this to disease, pollution, or invasive species (Chinese elm beetles, anyone?). The only difference is that this year it's intentional, but I wouldn't have assumed any of these trees would have survived for decades to come, anyhow.

    And more to the point, if your neighborhood goes from nice to "blighted" by the loss of a few trees, you've got some serious problems which should be addressed, immediately.

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