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Turning Data Science Into a Spectator 'Sport' 19

vu1986 writes "Kaggle has a 'predictive-modeling competition platform that makes public the competitors in invite-only private competitions. Think of it like watching a major tournament in golf or tennis, where you can watch the best in the world shoot it out to see whose algorithms are king. Kaggle's tagline is "We're making data science a sport." Maybe now it can make data science a spectator sport.'"
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Turning Data Science Into a Spectator 'Sport'

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  • by ZahrGnosis ( 66741 ) on Wednesday September 12, 2012 @04:19PM (#41316457) Homepage

    I've been working on the Heritage Health Prize [heritagehealthprize.com] that Kaggle is running for over a year now. It's a fantastic way to learn data science and tackle real world problems with real data and a co-op-etitive spirit. The forums and winning solutions are great for learning the art, and if you've never used R [r-project.org], it's a great opportunity to learn it and talk to people that have a ton of experience in the area.

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