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Make Your Own LEGO Curiosity Rover 35

LinuxOnEveryDesktop writes "Stephen Pakbaz designed a custom Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory Rover set, complete with PDF build instructions and parts lists. There's a dearth of official LEGO sets to do with Curiosity, but if the Cusoo listing gets to 10,000 votes that could change..." I like the idea of LEGO asking for public input, but find it slightly annoying that they require registration to do it; an anonymous "thumbs-up" would be nice.
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Make Your Own LEGO Curiosity Rover

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  • by gfxguy ( 98788 ) on Sunday August 12, 2012 @11:32AM (#40964309)

    Because they don't want something like this posted on some nerd site only to have a million nerds click "support" when they have no intention of ever buying it (notice you have to say how much you'd pay and how many you'd buy? They're trying to figure out if it's worth it for them to build.).

    The same thing happened to the Winchester Pub from Shaun of the Dead after Simon Pegg plugged it on Conan... and LEGO said they weren't going to make it despite getting 10k votes. Granted, they said because the movie was too violent and didn't fit their core demographics... but they do Lord of the Rings, so they can wantonly apply whatever excuses they want to not make sets - and in this case, I suspect it's because they knew 10k Shaun of the Dead fans weren't going to pay $200 for a LEGO Winchester.

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