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Ebola Outbreak Kills 13 In Uganda 105

The BBC reports that an outbreak of the Ebola virus has killed 13 in Uganda, and infected seven more. "The health ministry says emergency measures are in place to deal with the outbreak, which began in late June but has only just been confirmed as Ebola. The cases have been reported in Kibaale district, about 170km (100 miles) to the west of the capital Kampala. ... Ebola is one of the most virulent diseases in the world. It is spread by close personal contact, and kills up to 90% of those who become infected. There is no vaccine for the virus. Symptoms include sudden onset of fever, weakness, headache, vomiting and impaired kidneys. The first victim of this outbreak was a pregnant woman."
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Ebola Outbreak Kills 13 In Uganda

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  • Re:Vaccine (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Prune ( 557140 ) on Saturday July 28, 2012 @05:38PM (#40804073)
    Recent medical history is littered with the carcases of treatments which were demonstrated in mice and then failed to translate to human physiology, and any honest researcher will admit as much. It's a great way to get grant money, however.