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Network Science

Chinese Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation Over 60 Miles 216

MrSeb writes "Chinese physicists are reporting that they've successfully teleported photonic qubits (quantum bits) over a distance of 97 kilometers (60mi). This means that quantum data has been transmitted from one point to another, without passing through the intervening space. It's important to note that the Chinese researchers haven't actually made a photon disappear and reappear 97 kilometers away; rather, they've used quantum entanglement to recreate the same qubit in a new location, with the same subatomic properties as the original qubit. The previous record for transmitting entangled qubits was 16 kilometers, performed by another Chinese team back in 2010 — and perhaps most excitingly, the researchers seem confident that their system will scale up from 97km to distances capable of reaching orbital satellites, at which point we'll actually be able to build a global quantum network for all of our cryptographic needs."
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Chinese Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation Over 60 Miles

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  • Re:That's nothing (Score:5, Interesting)

    by cpu6502 ( 1960974 ) on Friday May 11, 2012 @03:18PM (#39971257)

    Reminds me of an Outer Limits episode.

    They "transport" people through something similar to quantum entanglement that allows them to pass the data of Person #1 across several lightyears, and use that data to artificially create Person #1 at the new location. Of course that means they have two identical people, so they have to kill the original.

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