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The Encyclopedia of Life Passes the 1 Million Page Mark 23

Chuckles08 writes "The Encyclopedia of Life project, an online resource aggregating information about all life on Earth, now has over 1 million taxon pages with content. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons license and includes text, over 1.5 million images, video, and sounds. It's an amazing resource for educators since the information is curated and rated. EOL also develops tools to make the content even more accessible, like the field guide tool that lets you build a customized online (and printable) field guide about any group of species or higher taxa."
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The Encyclopedia of Life Passes the 1 Million Page Mark

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  • Too bad that Comcast placed a cap so my two kids can't watch those "1.5 million images, videos". The cap would be hit in just 9 days.

    • Most Bell and Videotron customers would *love* 150GB. Here we have a 50GB limit.

    • Do you really think they could watch all of those in just 9 days? If they could, they would not remember any of it.

      I'd mod you off topic, but since people have already replied I decided I'd try to find out what relevance this has to bandwidth caps outside of turning an article into a word problem, solving it, and posting it for everyone to see.

  • I took a look. Good for quick research (assuming good data). May not be overly interesting to the casual browser (which is not its demographic, of course). The data is structured for useful comparisons. There are templates or forms for the type of data they are looking for. I imagine that most or all of the entries will get most of the forms filled out eventually.


    • Thanks to the CC-licensing, this'll probably become a major go-to for wikipedia editors looking for additional source material... particularly images and graphics.

  • is someone going to make a google maps mashup of this or do i have to do it myself?
    • by TarMil ( 1623915 )

      It already contains [] google maps mashups.

      • yeah but that's only data directly relevant to the subject you're looking at. the really interesting mashups cross reference other things that put the data they present into different perspectives. like, say, fetching a list of species in zones that have high number of EIS researched, or lawsuits/complaints related to pollution or dumping waste.

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