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Researchers Identify Genetic Systems Disrupted In Autistic Brain 167

hessian sends this excerpt from Medical Xpress "Autism has a strong genetic basis, but so far efforts to identify the responsible genes have had mixed results. The reason for this is that autism is influenced by many different genes, and different genes are involved in different individuals, making it hard to find the common genetic ground between patients. Now, research conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has shown that despite this fact, the different genes involved in autism tend to be involved in specific processes in the brain. This can explain, on the one hand, similarities in the behavioral symptoms of different autistics, but also the large spectrum of behaviors observed in different autistic individuals."
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Researchers Identify Genetic Systems Disrupted In Autistic Brain

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @02:29PM (#39859951)

    I believe the parent is alluding to the fact that there are members of the autistic community who campaign for its classification as a condition, rather than a pathology. I actually support several implications of this claim, but my views are not important: what is important is that no one should go shooting off their mouth about how they should "cure" someone who has no wish to be cured.

    Not that I object to the aims of this study, it's just something to keep in mind while we look for ways to prevent this "horrible disease."

    My daughter is autistic and to any parent that thinks it's special and thinks it's what makes their kid, their kid, "fuck you!". Seriously, I'd cure it in a second, just like most people would make their teenage daughter magically "un-pregnant" if they could wave a wand and make it like it had never happened.

  • by w.hamra1987 ( 1193987 ) on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @04:30PM (#39861427) Homepage

    It seems like you have the right idea of how to deal with him.

    You are right, it's not a disability. The most important thing to consider, is getting him ready for the world outside. His interaction with society will never be as normal and easy as with the majority of people, but with proper training, and education, he can act like it is. People with autism lack empathy, and don't understand human emotions properly. It confuses them, and can put them in awkward positions as they rack their brain trying to guess what a non-autistic person would have done in similar circumstances. And this is the part to be focused on. Teaching them standard social behaviour. Autistic people love rules, love routine, and teaching them proper responses to common questions, proper behaviour to common incidents, will certainly make them much happier in life. If they dont know how to respond to something, they'll try and remember taught rules, then try to remember past experiences, maybe something they've seen in a movie, or read from a story, or happened with another family member.

    For example, if one day, your son got married, and his wife bought him a bouquet of flowers. You shouldn't expect him to be as delighted as most men would be. But with proper training, he'll understand the gesture, he'll understand what she means by them, and will display the delight she's expecting, even though in reality, he really doesn't care about flowers at all. Eventually, he'll be capable of understanding most social interactions, understand expected responses, and cope with society, hiding his syndrome from everyone except those close to him.

    All it takes is the basic understanding of what he has, and what *others* are like, and why he should try and cope.

    Hope this helps you.

  • by geekoid ( 135745 ) <dadinportland AT yahoo DOT com> on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @04:32PM (#39861457) Homepage Journal

    Yes, social skill and analysis skill are different. Your point?

    "ust "turn" and autistic person into an engineer because it doesn't work like that."
    How do you know?
    I mean, no one else does, so , please, clue me in n your discovery. I assume you will be in next years Nobel list.

    And you post reads like some who has assburgers instead of aspergers.

  • Re:No, fuck YOU (Score:4, Insightful)

    by geekoid ( 135745 ) <dadinportland AT yahoo DOT com> on Tuesday May 01, 2012 @05:01PM (#39861755) Homepage Journal

    You're not going to make a billion dollars, slow the fuck down.

    Also, genius, it's a spectrum disorder. Ranging from people who might have it, or are just using it as an excuse to be a dick, like you, to people who can not funtion.

    You falsely link intelligent with autism. IF someone made it so you were comfortable around people, you would still be just as smart as you atr. Not nearly as smart as you think you are, but that's the case now, so no change.

    Parents of Kids that rock back in forth all day, drool on themselves and can't communicate would probably love to cure the disorder.

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