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Using Fuel Depots Instead of Giant Rockets 202

EccentricAnomaly writes "The New York Times has a story about a leaked NASA study that showed it would cost $80 BIllion less and get astronauts to an asteroid sooner if NASA used fuel depots instead of developing a new rocket. According to the article, NASA's response to the leaked study is to start developing fuel depots in addition to continuing its new rocket program. Because, after all, who doesn't need more cool stuff."
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Using Fuel Depots Instead of Giant Rockets

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  • by NEDHead ( 1651195 ) on Sunday October 23, 2011 @11:06AM (#37809636)

    What no one is saying is the real reason for the space efforts. As all slashdotters know, the tides are an important part of our ecosystem, and yet every day the moon moves further away, reducing the tides before our very eyes. The only practical solution is to put a stop to this disaster, by tying the moon to the earth with a stout cable. This will also provide an anchor at each end for the space elevator ( how all those nutters think a space elevator anchored at just one end is going to work is beyond me).

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