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DNA Sequenced of Woman Who Lived To 115 175

chrb writes "The DNA of W115 — an anonymous woman who lived to the age of 115 years and left her body to science — has been sequenced. Despite her old age, W115 showed no signs of dementia or heart disease, and tests at the age of 113 showed she had the mental abilities of a woman aged 60-75 years. Dr. Henne Holstege of the Department of Clinical Genetics at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam has suggested W115 had rare genetic changes in her DNA which protected against Alzheimer's and other late-life diseases."
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DNA Sequenced of Woman Who Lived To 115

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  • by houghi ( 78078 ) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @03:23AM (#37728816)

    She was my great aunt : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hendrikje_van_Andel-Schipper [wikipedia.org]

    She donated her body already at the age of 80-85. To be talking in /. terms, she open sourced her body. She gave it to science or in her words "Let students and doctors cut me into little pieces and let those youngsters find out why I became this old." She had yearly meetings with the doctor who told her the whole procedure of what would happen when she died.
    That was also the reason some nurse was with her, so when the moment came, they would not loose any valuable time.

    This is not disrespectful. This was her wish for more then 20 years.

    The reason she is "anonymous" is because some idiots were claiming to be speaking of her behalf and said that a doctor could not bring out personal information regardless of the fact that this was the specific demand of the patient. Let the knowledge be spread. And knowing her, that would include her name as well.

    As her closest family (my dad, born 1930 and still healthy) and myself are living in other countries, we did not know of this trouble. Otherwise at least I would have intervened.

    I also like to donate my blood (or just DNA if it is a nice looking nurse) for the same research, but I am afraid it might end up with some sort of Monsanto. Scary that I am afraid of a company stealing my DNA when I want to give it to science.

  • Re:anonymous woman? (Score:5, Informative)

    by houghi ( 78078 ) on Sunday October 16, 2011 @03:45AM (#37728868)

    Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hendrikje_van_Andel-Schipper [wikipedia.org] and you would be right.

    I know. my father is her nephew and he still has occasional contact with that doctor. We even knew about this news a month ago, but he asked us to keep it quiet till he presented it.

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