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NASA Announces Space Apps Challenge 42

coondoggie writes with an article in Network World about a development challenge put forth by NASA. From the article: "NASA said it would host an open source-based application competition that it hopes will deliver a new generation of software that can address space, weather, and economic issues. NASA said it will coordinate with other interested space agencies around the world on an International Space Apps Challenge that will encourage scientists and concerned citizens from all seven continents — and in space — to create, build, and invent new applications that can address world-class issues."
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NASA Announces Space Apps Challenge

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  • I can see it now, a Moon Farmville that can address issues in growing things on social networks outside of earth's atmosphere! I'll be rich!

    • Um, I think that they are more interested in software to help predict the weather in Farmville. So you'd better start working on a virtual Earth simulator that can be virtually photographed by a virtual satellite to make virtual predictions about the virtual weather. And don't forget to include the effects of global warming and the inevitable flooding of Farmville. And make sure that you make the virtual sun go nova sometime in 2012 so that the weather report is "Hot, very hot" as Farmville is turned int
  • Nobody wants to fart in space in a closed capsule, it taxes the air scrubbers too much. So, best give them beano and give them a fart app to enjoy the "comforts of home."

  • NASA (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by slapout ( 93640 )

    R ember back in the good ole days, when NASA was actually about sending people into space?

    • NASA cannot send people in space when there are major issues on Earth.
      • Right. Because Earth has been free of major issues from 1961 until now...
      • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      No, NASA has never been about just "sending people to space". They accomplished their original goal of winning the space race and now their official mision statement is "pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research".

      I'd say that this is exactly the kind of stuff NASA should be doing, they are saving time and money by not doing all this research themselves and at the same time (hopefully) promoting collaboration between scientists and space enthusiasts all over the w

  • lets just cut past this ginned-up whore called an apps contest and get to the heart of the matter

    2011 fiscal austerity, aka the usual round of budget cuts, have left us with just enough money to say thanks,
    but not enough money to employ you. all the good projects have been tarted up and pimped out to defense contractors
    and special interest pet projects where someone will inevitably pocket the cash and deliver a project that has more to do with
    racing stripes buzzwords and stakeholder revenue than it ev
  • Economics? So now an agency that can't manage its budget is getting into the economics modeling biz? This is like the CDC deciding that they are authoritative and credible to make social policy on the Second Amendment.

  • They say open source, but do they mean BSD, GPLv2, GPLv3, Apache or something else entirely. Not trying to be an ass, just want to know.
  • I'm sorry, but the link to NASA's page currently points to just a generic text, sprinkled with big words and phrases, that really doesn't say anything. Details please?
  • 1. Going and getting a bucket of Helium3 from the surface of the Moon

    2. Retrieve a Comet, and place it on the Moon.

    3. (Optional) Rewrite Angry Birds, use likenesses of @$$hole$ that get in the way of man going into space; it's for the children.
  • I think it needs to be said that any "space app" should not be based on a microtransaction model.

    And for god's sake, it had better be open source.

  • What does NASA have to do with space?

    I thought they officially gave up in that area, and now it's just a jobs program for contractors.

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