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Moon Advertising Idle

Domino's Plans Pizza On the Moon 214

It may be more PR stunt than a viable expansion plan, but the Japanese arm of Domino's Pizza is making plans for a lunar store. Construction firm Maeda Corp has drawn-up the plans for the dome shaped restaurant and figures it will take 70 tons of materials and pizza-making equipment. Even with the cost cutting measure or using mineral deposits on the moon to make the concrete, Domino's estimates the costs at Y1.67 trillion ($21.7 billion). In 2001 rival chain Pizza Hut made a delivery to the International Space Station, but Domino's hopes to become the preferred pizza of space with the moon store plan.
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Domino's Plans Pizza On the Moon

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  • by JoshuaZ ( 1134087 ) on Thursday September 01, 2011 @12:39PM (#37276206) Homepage
    Since we're nowhere near having long-term colonization of the moon, and the summary actually acknowledges that this is a PR stunt why are getting this mentioned at all on Slashdot? This is ridiculous. There's no where near the tech level to easily put this sort of thing on the moon and there's no way the company will actually spend money to do this. Meanwhile all sorts of interesting science and technology developments are happening that aren't getting mentioned. For example, astronomers have discovered a star that doesn't fit with a lot of our theories of star formation []. Or Slashdot could have given us another update on the ISS's current situation. Heck, if you need something with minimal actual scientific content you could have linked to this amusing video by the ISS crew about the matter []. Or you could talk about the new website devoted to the exploration of Mars by the Spirit and Opportunity []. Stop wasting our time.
  • by rednip ( 186217 ) on Thursday September 01, 2011 @02:54PM (#37278000) Journal

    I worked for 3 different Domino's locations, both busy and slow, I never had a manager the encouraged me to break the law. Many would talk about seatbelts and driver safety often around new drivers.

    I never had to pay for a late pizza and never heard of it happening. Accounting for a reasonable drive time, many times it was late even before leaving the store, and we'd go out the door with the pie marked 'late'. As a driver, I liked to see the customer at 32 minutes, as one-dollar tip often turned into a three-dollar tip (more sometimes if when it was free). Sure, if you had nothing but unexpectedly late pizzas, you might not have a job. Also, and likely most importantly the delivery areas were generally well designed to allow for a safe speed, given a pie with enough time left.

    Your experience might have been different, as my first stint as a driver (maybe 1984) included a lot of detail on speed, and we were specially told that some franchises were in trouble for pushing and 'fining' drivers. The owners of your franchise would have been taking a known lawsuit risk.

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