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Moon Younger Than Previously Thought 212

TaeKwonDood writes "Analysis of a piece of lunar rock brought back to Earth by the Apollo 16 mission in 1972 has shown that the Moon may be much younger than previously believed. Researchers say that the findings allow for one of two possibilities: the moon is 200 million years younger than previously thought, or the theory that the moon used to be a molten ocean is wrong."
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Moon Younger Than Previously Thought

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  • by ETEQ ( 519425 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @07:41PM (#37124600)

    From the article:

    The team analysed the isotopes of the elements lead and neodymium to place the age of a sample of a FAN at 4.36 billion years. This figure is significantly younger than earlier estimates of the Moon’s age that range to nearly as old as the age of the solar system itself at 4.567 billion years.

    So when they say 200 million years younger, that means 4.3 byr instead of 4.5 byr. I'm sure this is interesting to those in the field, but I don't think that counts as "much younger".

  • Re:Way younger... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ArcherB ( 796902 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @08:15PM (#37124804) Journal

    We all know it was created just a few thousand years ago on day 4.

    NASA could have saved the trip if they'd just asked the local priest!

    Pastor, not "priest". The Roman Catholic Church is much more friendly to the idea of a non-literal creation (from a Biblical perspective) than many popular Protestant groups.

    I was raised in a Protestant household. I now lead a Protestant household (Baptist). I've been to several churches, camps, meetings, and various gatherings. I have never, ever met a preacher or other leader that believed the EarthSunMoonStars were 6000 years old. Now, I'm sure that these people exist and use religion as their reasoning, but there are nutjobs in every group. Saying that because of the occasional nutjob believes it, all or most must believe the same thing is no different that saying because the occasional Muslim wants to kill all humans then all Muslims want to kill all humans.

    HERE [go.com]. Would it be fair for me to say that many NASA scientists are spies? Of course not. Then why is it fair for you to stereotype any other group based on a few nutjobs who mental illness is in no way related to whatever group you are using them to belittle?

  • by harrytuttle777 ( 1720146 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @11:15PM (#37125740)

    When I was a youngster the moon was 4.567 billion years old. (Scientists said it therefore it is true). Today the moon is only 4.36 billion years old. (again science). Therefore the solar system is traveling backward in time. It also means that I am -207 million years young. (appologies to Erdos.)

    If we define religion as the belief in an omnipotent entity / entities that can never be wrong, and whose smallest whim is the absolute word of law, then scientist would fit into this category. At least here on slashdot; To question a 'scientist' is heresy. It does not matter that the average ./ is an has a very very basic understanding of what real science is, and can not follow the logic that real scientist used to make their predictions. All the slashdot user knows is that a 'scientist' said it, therefore it must be true. You can turn off your brain, and listen to the scientists. They know what is going on. Always have always will. How do magnets work. They work with science. How does gravity work. Science. Why does the sun work. Because of Science. There is no difference between an unfounded belief in religion and an unfounded belief in science. Scientists are great! Slashdot users who push the 'I believe button' whenever a scientist says something without thinking are not.

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    -Some dead guy who is old and smelly, and therefore a faggot.

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