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Hybrid Human-Animal DNA Experiments Raise Concerns 311

Kevin Fishburne writes "British scientists are calling for a new agency to oversee the mixing of human and animal DNA, which is progressing at a rate most may not be aware of: 'Among experimentation that might spark concern are those where human brain cells might change animal brains, those that could lead to the fertilization of human eggs in animals and any modifications of animals that might create attributes considered uniquely human, like facial features, skin or speech. ... Some disagree. "We think some of these should be done, but they should be done in an open way to maintain public confidence," said Robin Lovell-Badge, head of stem cell biology and developmental genetics at Britain's Medical Research Council, one of the expert group members. He said experiments injecting human brain cells into the brains of rats might help develop new stroke treatments or that growing human skin on mice could further understanding of skin cancer.'"
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Hybrid Human-Animal DNA Experiments Raise Concerns

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  • This type of research must be taken with very, very small steps. It has to be reviewed by the public and contained in case of dangerous DNA mixing. If there were no throttle on these experiments, the population would start to look like the inhabitants of Dr. Moreau's island.

    Imagine: a scientist transfuses the DNA bits that allow a gecko to regrow its tail into an amputee. Will it re-grow the lost limb or will it revert to 'gecko mode' and grow a tail? Will the DNA infect the rest of the person's genome and transmute him into a hybrid with gecko-like qualities? No one knows because no one has dared to that type of experimenting until now.

    Or someone transplants the genes from a cow into a human then that person is suddenly succeptible to Cow Pox, a disease related to Smallpox. Now the disease mutates into some new pox disease which spreads like wildfire in the general population. Oh wait, no worries; we have a VACCINE for that!

    The earth's people have been silently and surrepticiously turned into a giant lab experiment courtesy of Big Pharma. They are poisoning the food supply with their chemicals and genetically modified "food". They are inventing diseases along side the vaccines which will prevent them, much like how Monsanto's Roundup Ready seeds are immune to the Roundup herbicide. They inject you with a small amount of poison to innoculate you against an even worst toxin they've created. All in the name of profit and most people just eat up the lies without a shred of critical thinking about it.

    There are already Chiropractic Veterinarians [], perhaps this is where the future of my specialty lay. I should invent a drop table for dealing with our four legged beasts' subluxations and patent it! (just joking, I'm not an inventor)

    Note that my expertise is in the nervous system, its function and removing nerve system blockages not genetics. Though this stuff should be easy enough to envision, even if you aren't a molecular biologist.

  • by Remus Shepherd ( 32833 ) <> on Friday July 22, 2011 @09:52AM (#36845120) Homepage

    If making catgirls becomes illegal in Britain, we'll just make them in Japan. That would be disastrous. The Japanese are already years ahead of us in catgirl technology. [] We cannot afford a greater catgirl gap.

  • As long as (Score:5, Funny)

    by boristdog ( 133725 ) on Friday July 22, 2011 @10:00AM (#36845234)

    As long as I can get a cat that will tell me exactly what it wants instead of me having to figure it out, I'm good.

    Then they can apply that gene to women.

  • by petes_PoV ( 912422 ) on Friday July 22, 2011 @10:33AM (#36845690)
    It's fairly obvious what cats want. They want their servants to understand their needs and fulfill their wishes before they have realised what they want, themselves. If you're not doing this, the fault is yours, not theirs. Maybe you're mixed up about who is in charge in that relationship?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 22, 2011 @10:41AM (#36845800)

    If these experiments get me a catgirl Fairuza Balk, I can only say I'm okay with it.

    If she can lick herself, what does she need you for?

  • by hamburgler007 ( 1420537 ) on Friday July 22, 2011 @11:04AM (#36846138)
    I absolutely agree, and everyone here is way too tough on Dr. Bob. A few years ago I had a severe case of Bonus Eruptus. It was so bad some days I just couldn't get out of bed. One trip to a chiropractor (his name was Nick), and I was pretty much cured. Those adjustments were a life saver.

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