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US Pays $2B To Develop Concentrating Solar Power Projects 219

coondoggie writes "The US Department of Energy today said it was conditionally committing $2 billion to develop two concentrating solar power projects that it says will offer 500 megawatts of power combined, effectively doubling the nation's currently installed capacity of that type of power. Concentrated solar systems typically use parabolic mirrors to collect solar energy."
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US Pays $2B To Develop Concentrating Solar Power Projects

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  • by gnick ( 1211984 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2011 @03:50PM (#36455064) Homepage

    Of course the mirrors could be focused to take down overhead aircraft or satellites as well.

    OK - Now I'm sold. The equivalent of burning an ant w/ a magnifying glass, but huge and in space? Count me in!

  • by Rei ( 128717 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2011 @03:53PM (#36455106) Homepage

    Which would be just awesome. ;) Can you imagine getting the automated phone call:

    To PG&E customers in your area: We regret to inform you that your area will be experiencing rolling blackouts this afternoon as we utilize our power plants as massive solar death rays against the hardware of our nation's foes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As a token of apology, we invite you to enjoy a spectacular light show in the sky at no expense to you.

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