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Project Icarus: an Interstellar Mission Timeline 265

astroengine writes "What would the infrastructure supporting an interstellar mission look like? Considerations such as fuel sources, mining methods, interstellar spaceship construction activities and maintenance are being analyzed, all of which would be carried out before even reaching the ultimate interstellar goal. Project Icarus is currently unravelling the complexities of this operation and recently created a nifty animation of how one of the many fuel tanks may be recycled as communication relay pods en route to nearby stars."
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Project Icarus: an Interstellar Mission Timeline

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday May 09, 2011 @02:38PM (#36075038)

    Project Icarus is currently unravelling

    Oh well, at least you misspelled unraveling.

  • by GodfatherofSoul ( 174979 ) on Monday May 09, 2011 @02:50PM (#36075200)

    1000 years ago: "Harrumpf! The world is flat! Sail on towards your oblivion, fools!"
    100 years ago: "Harrump! If got meant for men to fly, he'd have given us wings!"
    75 years ago: "Harrumpf! Faster than the speed of sound? Never!"
    ~50 years ago: "Harrumpf! There's no way we can get to the moon!"
    40 years ago: "Harrumpf! Home computing? I think not!"
    30 years ago: "Harrumpf! Who needs more than 64K?"
    20 years ago: "Harrumpf! What good is this 'internet' thing for?"

    ACs: shitting on everyone's ideas for 1000 years.

  • by serutan ( 259622 ) <snoopdoug.geekazon@com> on Monday May 09, 2011 @02:53PM (#36075242) Homepage

    Let's assume full deceleration at the target star has been achieved ... By that time, near-Earth telescopes would be sufficiently advanced to verify and inform the Icarus computers ...

    ... that the pre-warp technology museum on Starbase 235 is prepared to receive it in docking bay 19.

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