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Semengate Strikes the American College of Surgeons 10

Frosty Piss writes "Lazar Greenfield, M.D. is no ordinary surgeon. Until last week, he was the president-elect of the American College of Surgeons, and was also the lead editor of the Surgery News. In the February issue, he penned some thoughts on Valentine's Day under the heading of 'Gut Feelings.' Greenfield proceeded to then discuss the mating habits of fruit flies, and the rotifer. In each case, Dr. Greenfield made sure to reference to the scientific literature. Then he turned his attention to humans. Dr. Greenfield noted the therapeutic effects of semen, citing research from the Archives of Sexual Behavior which found that female college students practicing unprotected sex were less likely to suffer from depression than those whose partners used condoms (as well as those who remained abstinent). His comments apparently didn't sit well in certain quarters. Dr. Greenfield was forced to resign as editor of the Surgery News and gave up his stewardship of ACS after learning that his article had spurred threats of protests from outside women's groups."
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Semengate Strikes the American College of Surgeons

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  • This isn't the truth I want people to know, lets get this guy fired!
    • by Dr Max ( 1696200 )
      This isn't the truth I'm pretty sure he got in trouble for mentioning the evidence of fruit BATS (not fruit flies) giving fellatio.
  • his article had spurred threats of protests from outside women's groups

    I would like to see the actual threats. I'd like to see what points they made.

  • Apparently, the right not to be offended has trumped the freedom of speech and right to make a joke.

    A light hearted, tongue-in-cheek column leads to a respected surgeon from resigning his post because a bunch of outside protestors objects to his op-ed piece.

    Who are these groups who protested, and why do they carry enough clout to pressure the American College of Surgeons?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Maybe just the feeling of the direct contact of the genital organs, unobstructed by a layer of rubber, is what is causing the pleasant feelings and the better mood, instead of the semen. It's quite obvious that sex without condom is more pleasant. More pleasure quite obviously translates to less depression. I think it has nothing to do with semen.

    Also, maybe the less depressive people are already more likely to engage in sex without condoms, because they seek more pleasure. Have the researchers accounted fo

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